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#WHIITELISTBuys - February & March

#WHIITELISTBuys - February & March

Have you been wondering how good actually, are those lifestyle and beauty products pictured?
Do you love reading ‘empties’ product reviews?
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I feel like every month, these posts are ‘bumper posts’ as I accumulate a ton of empties and experiences.
In February, there was Valentine’s Day; at the beginning of March, it was my birthday, and I have just returned from a ski trip, which will be up on the blog shortly; and of course it was Mother’s Day on the 26th of March in the UK.

Excitingly in March, WHIITELIST was featured on Jessica Alba’s the Honest Blog here, which was absolutely amazing!

The past couple of months, I have accumulated 16 empties...that’s what I have found, but as per usual, the Mr could have ‘recycled’ the empties I was planning to keep for this post.

I have said on many an occasion, that this will most likely feature within the #WHIITELISTBuys for eternity. It most likely will!
Mentioned as one of my 15 beauty products for 2016, I have heavily relied upon this heaven send of a diaper ointment not only for Chance’s bottom, but most recently as an intense overnight lip treatment, as the winter, and change in humidity massively affected my lips. Read more about other essential baby products which you can incorporate into your beauty routine here.

Another staple which I occasionally borrow from my son, this apricot and grapeseed oil formula, leaves Chance’s skin silky and soft, smelling sweet and works wonderfully in my short hair.

I don’t know if I told you, but you may have read in the post Happily Mother After, I gained an obscene amount of weight during pregnancy. 40+lbs to be exact. I somehow managed to escape with only the tiniest of stretch marks which are hardly visible these days due to the magic rosehip within the Derma Mum formula.

I have combined 4,5 and 6 to prevent repetition of why I love this multi-award winning brand. I have taken to swapping my usual body wash for the blackberry and organic apple sensitive wash, as my own skin is prone to eczema and dry spots. The swim product, is a staple after a day in the pool and evokes the sweetest of child memories. And, the smell of the sweet orange just lingers in the bathroom, which is honestly sublimely addictive. All Child’s Farm products come with the ‘happy skin’ promise, reassuring you that what you are putting on your little one’s skin (and your own) has been dermatologically tested and approved, free from parabens, SLSs, mineral oils and artificial colours...and only tested on people, not animals.

I was actually gifted this, and I am quite pleased that I was able to sample the paraben free, hypoallergenic formula by Johnson’s baby. It’s extremely nourishing, rich and even though it’s not as lightweight as what I am used to, this was a welcome surprise with such a sweet baby scent.

I have afro hair, so I am always chasing shine and moisture. This product definitely helped me to achieve this, not only did my hair look like it had been ‘repaired’ but the scent was delicious. I guess, the only way to describe the scent is the smell of Summer! It certainly is a great product for dry and damaged hair, thanks to the inclusion of Australian Macadamia nut oil, which infuses moisture back into hair.

Hello, I have combination oily skin! This facial scrub consists of natural jojoba beads and bamboo charcoal which helped cleanse my skin of impurities, by gently polishing my skin, I actually used it daily. I wouldn’t advise using it daily, as the instructions don’t state this, but I have to admit once you start to see the balancing effect that the charcoal has on your skin, and how hydrated it feels due to the coconut oil, you can see why one can become addicted. Other main ingredients include sesame, moringa, rooibos and willowherb.

That’s it, what empties made your recycling bin this month? Which products haven’t you tried from the above?

Thank you for reading and please do follow me on Bloglovin’ to keep up with my #WHIITELISTBuys at the end of each month.

Thank you!

SAL xx

This post features PR Samples unless otherwise mentioned. Full Disclaimer

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