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6 Reasons why we love the Cuddledry® Handsfree Baby Bath Towel

6 Reasons why we love the  Cuddledry® Handsfree Baby Bath Towel

Are you looking for a solution to slippery bath times?
Read below for my review on the Cuddledry® Handsfree Baby Bath Towel, the award winning essential baby product used by thousands of parents, endorsed by midwives, maternity nurses and celebrities.

6 Reasons why we love the  Cuddledry® Handsfree Baby Bath Towel

This post has gone through many different iterations. At first, it was going to be about Chance’s bath routine, but I kind of touched on this in the post 7 safe ways to bathing baby in the tub. Then, a Mother’s Day feature of my day...well that didn’t go to plan, as time was so limited after coming back from a week of skiing!

Now, a straight product review, which I have always shied away from doing, so bear with me on this.

Chance has gone through about 7 hooded towels in his 15 months, and I have somewhat struggled with going from bath to changing mat/bed as he has gotten older and more wriggly.
There was this awkward dance where I’d place the hood on Chance’s head, drenching the bottom of the towel in the process, and wrap and carry him out of the bath, one leg on the bath, whilst I supported his bottom, dripping bathwater everywhere and usually dripping wet myself!

Then, I was made aware of the wonderful and original Cuddledry® Handsfree Baby Bath Towel.

Mumpreneurs Helen Woolridge and Polly Marsh conceived the global multi-award winning must have product, when watching their husbands tackling the same issue I was facing, how to carry your little one from bath to changing mat safely, keeping bubba warm with minimal fuss.
"A great idea and makes bathtimes so much easier"  
Louise Redknapp

The Cuddledry® Handsfree Baby Bath Towel works so you can manoeuvre hands-free, as the towel hooks around your neck like an apron, making it easier for you to carry baby safely from the bath.
Simple and ingenious...I wish I had thought of it!

Not only is the towel safe in its design, but also feels like heaven. Made from bamboo and cotton, the double layer provides this luxurious feel great for baby’s skin and for quickly absorbing water.

"It really makes bathtime so safe and easy"
Kirstie Allsop

So, why does the Cuddledry® Handsfree Baby Bath Towel need to make your must-have list:

  1. The brilliant apron style allows you to lift your little one hands-free from the bath
  2. Promotes natural bonding, as stress is minimised knowing you can handle bubba safe and securely
  3. Luxurious soft feel and long like a bath towel should be;  it’s also been lovingly made with unbleached cotton, natural bamboo fibre
  4. Quick to dry and highly absorbent thanks to the double layer system
  5. Comes in a range of subtle colours from natural white to oatmeal as well as animal print
  6. Coloured using natural dyes and unbleached
  7. Available to buy at a bargain price of £29.99 from Mothercare, John Lewis, Boots, JoJoMamanBebe and Kiddicare as well as the Cuddledry website.
“I’m so glad my mum bought a Cuddledry for me, it’s the best thing anyone can buy for a new parent.”
Denise Van Outen

What is your bath-time essential? How do you make bath-time easier and cuddle your baby dry?

Thank you for reading.

SAL xx

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