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WHIITELIST in 2017 - Luxury Parenting Blog

My commitment to make WHIITELIST in 2017 the aspirational destination for luxe life and style lists for millennial mothers...or women who just like lists.

Happy New Year!
Can I still say that 14 days into the month?

WHIITELIST has been on a journey, and when I think about how phenomenal this rollercoaster journey has been so far, I think about the ways that I can improve and learn from my failings as well as my successes.
19th February 2016, I decided to make my blog live to the world!
Daunting as that prospect was, to actually advertise to my friends and family that I had been writing a blog in my spare time, I did it!

I kicked off January with Happily Mother After, officially announcing that my son Chance had arrived and how I was coping being 17 lbs heavier and of course being someone’s Mama.
I dabbled a little more in blog posts before going into detail with my birth story in the Journey to meeting Chance.
My honest account of my birth story was so well received, and so well read that it made me realise that I had to keep going, not yet sure what my identity was.

“...refocused to some success; I was ranked top 7 mommy blog to follow…”

Between February and June, I began to work out where I wanted to go with WHIITELIST, and refocused to some success; I was ranked top 7 mommy blog to follow, and landed a partnership with Cybex, as well as a few other collaborations.
Here is where my failings come in.
After 6 months of maternity leave, I returned to work and decided that this would be the perfect time to launch a YouTube channel!?!
Whereas it may have been the year of the YouTuber, it wasn’t the year for Simi to be a YouTuber!
I had just become a mother, was navigating the world of blogging and returned to my quite demanding commercial career in Media. What in the world was I thinking?

After winding down in August, I knew that I wasn’t managing to juggle and balance everything I needed to do.
Thankfully, I took solace in my blog and wrote a post which seemed to help everyone but me...9 essential tips for balancing work and motherhood!
Goodness, that was audacious!
To top it all, not only had I managed not to take on my own advice, I had lost lots of the fantastic advice and comments I received when I turned Google comments off, so they will forever be lost, without the chance for me to look back on.

“...I had to focus on the platforms where the majority of my audience was.
My Instagram, Blog and Twitter”

By October I knew, the writing was on the wall for my YouTube channel, and although I had promised my lovely subscribers a video every Thursday, something had to give...the YouTube had to stop and I had to focus on the platforms where the majority of my audience was.
Thankfully, a little break in Zanzibar allowed me to write to my heart's content and take a well deserved break in December. Until now.

So, what did I learn?
Well, for starters, I cannot do it all.
I can’t YouTube, pin, Facebook, work full-time, mother, wife, pretend to cook, clean, do my make-up, spin plates, juggle, whatever it is, I just cannot!
What does that mean?
Well, it means where I had refocused WHIITELIST to focus on Motherhood, Interiors and Travel, 3 posts a week every week, that simply cannot happen. I want to write, what I feel like writing, without compromising the content.
What does that mean for you?
Hopefully it means that you will get more of me, a better me, not a time poor me whom has just been promoted to Sales Director globally at my Media job, writing content that you will enjoy and is relevant to you.

I started WHIITELIST, as an aspirational destination for millennial mothers who like the luxe lifestyle, like writing lists, and want to be able to find those acceptable, trustworthy brands and places for them, the modern mother.

This year 2017, I want to give you that!

So, not very long and not necessarily a resolution but a commitment, to myself and to you, to focus on WHIITELIST brand and focus on you.

Thank you so much for reading, and hopefully you will stay with me on my journey.

If you would like to know a list of brands and places that are acceptable, trustworthy and luxe for modern mothers, subscribe here, and follow me on Instagram @WHIITELIST and Twitter @SimiLindgren.

SAL xx


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