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8 tips for family friendly interior design

8 tips for family friendly interior design
Sofa // Cushions // Sheepskin // Lamp // Highchair // Coffee table

Are you looking to create kid and family friendly decor?
Recently welcomed a baby and conscious that you need a home that can stand up to daily messes, yet still look stylish? Read the 8 tips for family friendly interior design.

Being a mother, I learn new things daily. I want to parent well, and allow my son the freedom to move around and explore, yet our home in its current state, doesn’t quite work.
When I found out I was pregnant, I was quite concerned that we would have to compromise our travel ambitions and our home aesthetic.
I think for most parents this is something that they would accept, and something I was quite stubborn about until seeing my ‘wild child’ collide with the Noguchi coffee table!
So, I have had a long hard think as to how we can keep our modern and contemporary style, whilst maintaining a child friendly environment.

  1. Choose open plan living
When Mr. L and I bought our home nearly 3 years ago there were dividing walls in every area which made the overall house look and feel smaller. We opened up the space and now we have a flowing layout from living room through to kitchen; which not only creates a spacious feel but is perfect for Chance’s roaming antics, crawling freely from room to room.

“Unwittingly Mr. L and I picked the best material for spills, foods and other child messes...leather!”
  1. Decorate with sheepskin
In Sweden it’s common for one of the first gifts that baby receives to be a sheepskin of some sort, to carry around and provide comfort through the seasons. We chose 2 sheepskin rugs to decorate Chance’s minimalist nursery and we have a third downstairs. Easy to clean, natural, and not only acts as a stylish textile but also comforter and playmat.

  1. Think about durable materials
Unwittingly Mr. L and I picked the best material for spills, foods and other child messes...leather! Moisture resistant and difficult to tear, this is the best kind of material for our family sofa and also Chance’s highchair.
All that is required after a spillage is a quick clean with a wet cloth.

  1. Go monochrome and minimalist
We were never going to have a home that was covered with carpets and wallpaper, especially having a Swedish husband and being obsessed with contemporary monochrome palette and open spaces. Keeping our home simple, having spacious open plan living and little furniture (with focus on statement pieces) makes for a surprisingly family friendly home.

8 tips for family friendly interior design
Sheepskin // Ella's Kitchen lids // Skwish // Hape Xylophone // Lego Brick // Lexypexy Pretzel teether
  1. Create a designated play area
Sometimes it's difficult to stop toys going absolutely everywhere, especially if like Chance your child doesn’t just want to play in their bedroom, and doesn’t have a specific playroom downstairs! Creating a small play area allows for children clutter to be neatly designated to a specific area, so that parent and child can live in design harmony.

  1. Invest in statement storage
Above I discuss creating a small play area, now I want to talk about hiding said play area away in stylish storage. There will always be ‘children clutter’ and solutions such as the lego brick are perfect for complementing the existing design scheme, as well as keeping ‘children clutter’ at bay.

  1. Hide electrical outlets
When we renovated our home, we made an unconscious design decision to hide wiring and electrical points behind bespoke storage solutions, or quite high on a wall which turned out be the ultimate in child proofing, stopping small enquiring hands from danger.

“We were never going to have a home that was covered with carpets and wallpaper”

  1. Display artwork and prints within frames
Chance isn’t yet at that age where he is bringing home pieces of ‘art’ daily, although I am aware that time isn’t far away. In the nursery we have black framed prints from Mr. L’s childhood and a heritage photo collage, and we will continue this theme when it comes to display Chance’s artwork, as it’s a stylish way to decorate a minimalist home.

Which family friendly design tips do you have? Which child friendly features have you incorporated?

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Thank you!

SAL xx



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