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8 reasons to fly business class with babies

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If you think kids should be banned from first or business class, this post isn’t for you.
Looking to book an upcoming family trip? Considering which cabin, premium or economy is best for your child?
Read the 8 reasons to fly business class with babies.

As I was typing the headline, the first thing that came to my mind was the scene from Sex and the City where Samantha’s lovely expensive meal and experience ‘was ruined’ by a child.
Maybe my 8 stress free tips for eating out with baby would have come in handy for my favourite Sex and the City character.

I have spoken many times about my love of travel and how this blog was initially borne out of that very love; so far this year Chance has visited everywhere from New York as an 11 week old to Italy most recently, with another long haul trip planned to Zanzibar.
Chance has been my inspiration for blog posts such as the 21 great tips for flying with babies and countless others within the #TravelTuesday section of WHIITELIST.

“ I have to let you in on a little secret...children and babies need to fly business class!”

With all of that experience gained from flying and travelling  with a baby, I have to let you in on a little secret...children and babies need to fly business class!

There has been a lot of talk about whether children and babies should be banned from first and business class cabins, and I can definitely see it from both sides,  but ultimately the onus is on the parents travelling with their child, as to whether they feel comfortable in the business class cabin or not.
I certainly do!
And, from my view as a parent of a relaxed, well travelled 10 month old, please read the 8 reasons to fly business class with babies.

  1. Access to airport lounge
Mr. L and I are British Airways frequent fliers, and it’s fair to say that when planning our holidays in Europe I usually check to see whether British Airways flies there. As Executive club members we are able to enjoy the facilities of the airport lounge from complimentary food and drink, to an area where you can wind down with your little one to make sure they are relaxed before the flight.
Most importantly lounges are known for sporting quite large bathroom facilities so you can change your child easily, and in relative comfort, as well as nurse in the quiet and private seclusion of the lounge.

8 reasons to fly business class with babies

  1. Spacious and reserved seating
In the post 21 greats tips for flying with babies, booking seating in advance was the best way to ensure that you sat as a family together in the best type of seats. When travelling in a premium cabin such as business or first class, you are able to reserve the best seats (those with a bassinet for long haul flights) which are spacious. On our recent British Airways flight to Saint-Vincent in Italy, the Club Europe cabin had a free middle seat which we used to keep Chance’s distractions and other essential  items within baby’s hand luggage, as well as access to both window and aisle seats. Spacious seating plus plentiful distraction is the perfect recipe for inducing sleep.

  1. Complimentary food and drink for weary parents
Not only can you pre-order your child’s food for pick up at the airport, you can also pre-order your own in flight meals. Don’t underestimate how important great food or fuel for parents is when travelling. And, did I mention free alcohol. Unfortunately, as I am still breastfeeding I haven’t yet benefitted from the premium wine and alcohol selection available in the premium cabin...but you know what they say happy parents equal happy parents!

“Spacious seating plus plentiful distraction is the perfect recipe for inducing sleep.”

  1. Dedicated check in desks and fast track
Nobody likes to wait, especially children. As Chance gets older, standing still is becoming less and less appealing, so the ability to skip queues and board the plane quicker, or get to the airport lounge is not only a luxury but very much a necessity, especially when it comes to getting through security.

  1. Priority boarding
Being able to board first, so that you can unpack all those essential items within baby’s hand luggage, get settled and begin to relax for the journey ahead is AMAZING! It takes the stress out of travelling and gives you that much needed extra time to prepare. Settling down earlier, allows for you to feed your little one in a calm environment, so that by take off they are either asleep or relaxed enough to play quietly.

  1. Larger baggage allowance
British Airways offers all infants quite generous baggage allowance, but it seems although we are the ultimate minimalists it’s never enough. The benefit of carrying a couple of bags on board, in addition to checked baggage allows parents to pack for every eventuality. That being said, it is a luxurious benefit, and on our most recent flight we managed to get away with 2 checked suitcases, 2 bags to bring on board as well as a carseat. I might add that was for 5 days away in Italy.

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  1. Spacious (and cleaner) bathrooms
In the post 21 things to pack in baby’s hand luggage, I mentioned that disposable mats were one of my essential items due to the cleanliness of airport and plane bathrooms and toilets. In premium cabins the bathroom space is ‘roomier’ than the economy bathrooms, a benefit you begin to appreciate when changing your infant on the fold down table over the toilet.

  1. Better in-flight service
When you choose to travel in a premium cabin such as first or business class, it is because you want a more pleasant and enjoyable way to get to your destination. From the hot towels and drinks you receive upon sitting down, which relax both parent and child, making for a better flight experience all round. Number 1 benefit of a child having a good experience, is that you as the parent can enjoy the journey, as can those around you.

Have you travelled with an infant in a premium cabin? What tips do you have for flying with kids in first or business class?

Thank you for reading and please do follow me on Bloglovin’ to keep up with #TravelTuesday every Tuesday.

Thank you!

SAL xx


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