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7 safe ways to bathing baby in the tub

7 safe ways to bathing baby in the tub

Is your baby too big for their baby bath? Are you concerned about washing baby in the ‘big’ bath?
Read below for the 7 safe ways to bathing baby in the big tub.

I am going to let you in on a little secret...Mr.L and I never invested in a baby bath! Not sure whether this was because we lacked space in our London home, or whether it’s because we didn’t like the way the baby baths looked, that we chose an easy to put away soft bath support option from John Lewis to invest in for parenthood.
Since Chance has graduated from the bath support, we decided to take the plunge at around 5 or 6 months to transition him to the ‘big bath’. I can tell you now, it was one of the scariest things I have ever done...trying to bathe a baby that is small, slippery from soap and wet!

If you are now embarking on this exciting milestone, don’t do so frightened as your little one(s) may feel your anxiety, instead read the below tips to bathing baby in the grown up tub.

“ of the scariest things I have ever done...trying to bathe a baby that is small, slippery from soap and wet!”

  1. Wait until baby can sit by themselves
When I said that Chance had graduated from the bath support, it was more like he didn’t want to lie down and insisted upon sitting at every opportunity he got. This made the whole transition from baby bath to grown up bathing easier, as he was quite able to sit by himself without support.

  1. Invest in a rubber bath mat
What I did learn, once I had gotten rid of the soft bath support was that, wet baby and bath didn’t quite go as well as I had initially thought. Of course he could sit without support but even then, baths are slippery things. To put my mind at rest, apart from being in the bath at all times (whether it be a shower or a bubble bath), my wonderful husband invested in the Dreambaby non-slip bath suction mat (it was a steal at £3.99 from Ocado) which works a treat, Chance can sit whilst bathing, and I can wash it easily and put it away.

  1. Set the bath scene
We have a ritual, one of us prepares the bathroom, whilst the other prepares the baby. Bathroom prep involves bath toys (like the one you see here on my Instagram), checking the temperature of the water is just right and not too hot or cold,  laying down the Dreambaby non-slip bath mat, removing any potentially dangerous items and setting out our favourite bath products. If Chance has been swimming, then we use the Child’s Farm 3-in-1 Swim in strawberry and organic mint; daily depending on how we feel (mummy feels) we may just go for the Child’s Farm hair & bodywash in blackberry and organic apple or the Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash.

7 safe ways to bathing baby in the tub Child's Farm Hair & Body Wash, Child's Farm 3 in 1 Swim, Child's Farm Bubble Bath

  1. Don’t leave your baby alone
This point is obvious, all babies and children up to a certain age need adult supervision, as the most frightening statistic I read was that about 50% of all infant drownings take place in the bath tub! Which brings me swiftly onto my next point.

  1. Bathe with baby, and maybe a partner
The first couple of times, I needed Mr.L with me in the bathroom before we invested in the slip mat, he would hold Chance and I would wash and rinse Chance off. This routine usually followed Chance watching one of us bathe first, to show him how it was done and what was going to happen next. I feel that it really worked for us to do it this way, as Chance never showed anxiety in the bath tub and really enjoys being in the bath.

  1. Empty the bath, when the bath is empty
I feel the cold real easy, so I can only assume my son feels the cold like I do. Linked to point 3 about setting the bath scene, usually we prep baby and the room. This involves laying out all moisturisers, nappies, clothing and distractions on the bed with Chance’s hooded towel on the bathroom heated towel rail, so he moves quite swiftly from warm bath to warm towel to getting ready. All of this is done before we empty the bath, pull the plug and drain the water which stops baby from getting cold and potentially frightening them with that gurgling plug noise.

“the most frightening statistic I read was that about 50% of all infant drownings take place in the bath tub!”

  1. Be patient and have fun
Part of bath-time fun is the bath toys (we love these Zoggs from JoJo Maman Bébé) and bath products such as the lovely Child’s Farm washes which Chance loves to splash and play with in the bath; all of this is perfect for creating the best environment for your child to enjoy the ‘grown up’ bath whether you are in the bath or not.

What tips do you have for safe bathing? What are your favourite bath products to use? Have you tried Child’s Farm?

Thank you for reading, and please do follow me on Twitter and let me know what you thought of the tips above.

Thank you!
SAL xx


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