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6 sun safety tips for babies and toddlers

6 sun safety tips for babies and toddlers

Are you planning a trip to sunnier climes and concerned with your child’s safety in the sun? Unsure of how to keep your child safe in the sun whether at home or at the beach?
Read on to find out how to keep your baby or toddler safe in the sun.

My son is often called a little jetsetter. Chance has visited Italy, relatives in Sweden, had ‘suite dreams’ in New York and is currently vacationing in Zanzibar.
With all this travel whether seeking winter sun or a city break, protecting my son in the sun is always at the forefront of my mind, and SPF is something of a monthly feature on #WHIITELISTBuys as well as an essential for Chance’s hand luggage.
Aside from the ageing aspects of too much sun exposure, not being protected whilst in the sun whether in the summer or winter could lead to skin cancer.

So how do we ensure that we keep our children, babies and toddlers safe in the sun? Read on to find out a few safety tips that can allow your little ones to have fun in the sun, safely.

“I use SPF daily, 365 days a year, that is factor 50 come rain or shine”

  1. Lead by example
I use SPF daily, 365 days a year, that is factor 50 come rain or shine; and when out in warm weather you will always find me shading during the peak of the sun’s rays, whilst wearing my trusty wide brimmed hat. Allowing our children to see us practise these simple sun rituals means that they get used to protecting themselves in the sun, and generate good habits.

  1. Check all medication
Sure we have all seen that note on medication ‘could cause increased sensitivity when exposure to  the sun’. A quick check of medication ensures that you are doing all you can to keep your little ones safe in the sun.

  1. Plan activities around the sun
Zanzibar in November is between 28-32 degrees. That’s warm weather, so I have planned to have breakfast out on the deck at around 9am, a quick splash in the pool, and then from 10am-3pm we are all in the shade, when the sun is at it’s most intense.

6 sun safety tips for babies and toddlers
Mama's Hat // Plain Polo Shirt Baby Bodysuit // Skwish // Sophie la Girafe // Swaddle
  1. Invest in babiators
It doesn’t actually have to be Babiators, but they do make soft, flexible and virtually indestructible cool shades for babies and kids. Even better still, they replace them if they are lost or broken! Sunglasses for babies and children isn’t a fashion statement, they are there to protect little eyes from harmful rays (look for those with 100% UV protection), the earlier they start, the quicker they get used to wearing them.

  1. Dress and shade to protect
Chance has quite fair skin (compared to me) which means that he is more prone to sunburn than myself. I always ensure that Chance is wearing a bucket hat, even my own wide brimmed hat to ensure that the areas that could be damaged by the sun such as his eyes, nose, ears and lips are covered. One of my favourite items and travel essentials is the NSAuk UV Sun tent, which means that you have shade at all times, and it’s perfect for babies under 6 months old who can’t use sunscreen. Other lightweight and protective clothing  items can be found in the post 12 summer wardrobe essentials for baby.

“Sunglasses for babies and children isn’t a fashion statement, they are there to protect little eyes from harmful rays”

  1. Slather on sunscreen
When I say slather, I mean apply a serious amount of sunscreen every couple of hours, especially if your child is in and out of the water, or doing other sweaty activities, paying particular attention to the ears, nose and lips. Apply sunscreen not only on sunny days, but days when it’s cloudy. My 4 tips to buying the best sunscreen is to go for waterproof/water resistant suncreams, which contain titanium dioxide; is effective against UVA and UVB rays with the highest SPF as possible. I recommend SPF 50.

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How do you keep your infant, toddler or baby safe in the sun? Which sunscreen do you heavily rely on to protect your little one’s skin?

Thank you!
SAL xx


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