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Halloween, 3 memories to make with baby

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Are you looking to make memories with baby at Halloween? Searching for ideas for cute Halloween baby costumes?
Read the 3 ways to make memories with baby at Halloween.

Autumn has always been my favourite time of year.
It’s the colour the trees change, the weather is just right warm enough to not be freezing but cool enough for cosy clothing, it is a time where my favourite events happen such as my wedding anniversary, which brings back memories of my wedding day (nearly 5 years ago) and now Halloween.

B.C (Before Chance) Mr. L had failed at our attempts to do something for Halloween.
We aren’t big party goers and we don’t like the mess of carving pumpkins...or any mess period especially when you have a white contemporary home.
This year was going to be different though, we wanted to make memories that our son would be able to look back on, especially as he wasn’t going to be able to remember.

What does a parent do with babies at Halloween, when they are too young to go trick or treating or enjoy a pumpkin patch?
Go all out!

I made a trip to Wholefoods for pumpkins and gourds, looked for cute Halloween costumes for baby at Westfield London and even thought about potential recipes.
I mean I had a long hard think about it, which resulted in deciding against all sorts of Halloween cooking.

Making memories is so important for me, especially as I find a way to balance work and motherhood and for a while there I was juggling, juggling and juggling and at times feeling like I was completely failing, so holidays such as Halloween present such an opportunity.

If you are a parent who feels the same way, and has a little one who would be too young to enjoy the traditional Halloween activities,  here are the 3 memories I made with Chance for Halloween 2016.

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Baby Bat costume from Lindex
  1. Find a cute baby Halloween costume
There are so many baby Halloween costumes and ideas out there, and I could have gotten completely lost in Pinterest ideas for baby’s first halloween outfits.
Luckily for me the perfect Halloween costume jumped out from the Lindex store window at Westfield London. Chance was to be dressed as ‘baby bat’ and mummy was going to be ‘mama cat’.

  1. Buy Pumpkins and Gourds for your own ‘home’ pumpkin patch
All over instagram cool mamas and papas were taking their little ones to pumpkin patches, and unfortunately I couldn’t find one that would suit a 10 month old near London.
That didn’t stop me from trying to recreate a more minimalistic pumpkin patch at home. We took photos and sampled the delights of these fall spices and foods, and Chance passed out milk drunk. Fair to say, I think he had fun.

  1. Enjoy time as a family
We took many photos as parents do in the digital age, posed and styled and some others were less ‘pinterest-worthy’ shots … which ended up being my absolute favourites.
Time flies by, so much so that the importance of creating the perfect photo fades and the time spent with your baby you want to cherish, especially as they won’t remember it. So remember to enjoy time as a family.

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What did you do with your baby at Halloween? Which Halloween costume did you dress your baby up in? Any London mamas find pumpkin patches appropriate for babies?

Thank you for reading, and please do follow me on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with me making memories daily.

Thank you.

SAL xx



  1. Oh, this is so lovely written! :) I love baby costumes!

    1. Monique, thank you, too kind! Baby costumes are the cutest aren't they. Hope you had the loveliest Halloween x


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