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8 stress free tips for eating out with baby

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Planning a meal out on the town, that may not be ‘kid-friendly’?
Considering leaving the baby behind? Read the 8 stress free tips for enjoying a restaurant meal with baby in tow.

The Mister and I most probably ate out B.C (Before Chance) once a month if that; but for some reason when we became parents eating out seemed to be thing we wanted to do with a baby, as opposed to without a baby.
Chance has ‘eaten’ out with us at the most starry eyed of restaurants and most recently we chose the Ivy Kensington brasserie, where I decided I needed to write down some tips for parents like us.

If you are looking for a way to successfully dine out with an infant, without eating your £30 main one handed, continue reading my survival tips.

“I have read many a time to avoid fine dining with little ones, my advice is DON’T!”

  1. Prepare! Prepare! Prepare!
Each time Mr.L and I decide to leave the safety of our home, we prepare for every eventuality especially when we decide we are going to have ‘couple time’ which is really trio time. This usually means packing a change of clothes, toys, change of clothes for ourselves (maybe just a top), carrying extra food, preparing ourselves for a not-so-romantic evening. Overall just preparing ourselves mind, body, soul and baby soul.

  1. Pick a restaurant which caters to baby patrons
I have read many a time to avoid fine dining with little ones, my advice is DON’T! Only parents know whether your child is going to ‘act up’ in an unfamiliar environment or not pay any notice. Either way, do what makes you comfortable and ensure that if you aren’t picking a family friendly establishment that they have high chairs at a minimum, and distractions such as colouring books/paper at a maximum. Our evening out to the Ivy Kensington Brasserie is a prime example of us not preparing and forgetting some of Chance’s favourite toys, but he was perfectly happy to play/rip the menu and play with mummy’s nipple balm lip essential baby product part of my beauty routine.

  1. Choose ‘good’ seating
You may have read in the post 21 great tips for flying with babies, how important planning seating is in advance. When at a restaurant that you may not have visited prior, asking the wait staff to seat you close to a window (infants love seeing the world go by) or in a breastfeeding friendly nook, means that you can enjoy your evening, and so can the other diners.

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  1. Timing is everything
Again, another tip from the post 21 great tips for flying with babies about planning not only good seating but time to eat. We love to eat out either in the early evening close to Chance’s second nap time, or late evening close to Chance’s bedtime. Timing our meals like this, means that Chance is extremely relaxed as he prepares to sleep, and on occasion less energetic, so Mummy can have her £30 main without doing the airplane dance.

  1. Pack toys or at least distractions
Linked to point 5 about finding a restaurant which caters to infants in one way or another, is to pack toys, distractions or at least prepare to DIY if you have nothing to hand. On our recent trip to the Ivy Kensington brasserie we left Chance’s toys at home, which meant that Mr.L had to carry out the airplane dance, but we were seated in quite an ‘exciting’ spot at least for Chance so he was perfectly happy during the entire meal.

  1. Redress the table
Babies are quick! Every time we go out to eat I literally have to scope out the dangers being presented on the table. Everything moves to the middle of the table bar napkins. Which means that your cutlery and glasses are never where you need them to be and the candle is usually blown out, but the table is all the more safe for little ones quick hands.

“Babies are quick! Every time we go out to eat I literally have to scope out the dangers being presented on the table”

  1. Be nice to restaurant staff
One should always be nice to restaurant staff as a matter of courtesy, but I find being extra nice to staff really helps them work with you. The staff at the Ivy Kensington Brasserie actually provided entertainment at one point for Chance (which he loved!) and helped us to redress the table.

  1. Relax and enjoy yourself
Most of all, if you are going out with your little one, be relaxed. I find that with Chance being calm and relax allows him to be calm and relaxed, whether it’s on a flight or at a lovely restaurant, and happy child and wife, means happy life for your partner. Especially when paying for a meal that works out at £80 pounds per person.

What are your stress free tips for eating out with baby? Which restaurants have you visited that have worked for your family?

Thank you for reading, and please do follow me on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with me balancing life and motherhood daily.

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Thank you.

SAL xx



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