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14 ways to create a perfect baby shower

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Planning a baby shower? Looking for a baby shower to-do list?
Read below for the ultimate guide to organising a perfect baby shower for the most chic of mothers-to-be.

This post was meant to be published on Monday 17th October, when it would have been exactly one year since my wonderful sister hosted my baby shower at the Melia White House in Regent’s Park, London on Saturday 17th October 2015.
Oh how life gets in the way!
We had just returned from our wonderful babymoon in the Maldives and Qatar, I had had my first hen-do since my own, and had scheduled shopping and attending the baby show in London.
It was fair to say that with everything going on around me, I was quite looking forward to being surrounded by friends and family, to celebrate the impending arrival.

Having watched a lot of American TV shows, I was familiar with the concept of a baby shower. Close friends and family showering a mother-to-be with gifts, playing games and having a good time. Being that this was going to be my first and last baby shower, I appointed my former maid of honour and one of my best-est friends, my sister to organise the whole affair.

“...find a venue, calculate costs, invite my friends, include relevant family members, pick the best time and date that didn’t clash…”

My sister had to find a venue, calculate costs, invite my friends, include relevant family members, pick the best time and date that didn’t clash (and even then there was a clash and a few of my friends weren’t able to make it), send out invites, chase RSVPs, order a cake, pick up the cake, put together goody endless list of items on the to do list, which is most probably why anyone other than the mama to be should organise a baby shower.

If you are looking to plan a baby shower for a boy, girl, twins, gender neutral, looking for baby shower games, looking for a baby shower venue? Read the 14 ways to create a perfect baby shower, courtesy of one of my favourite people, my sister.

  1. Pick a venue
My sister decided upon the Melia White House for it’s central London location and beautiful architecture right next to Regent's Park; although you can decide to host a baby shower in any number of places so far as you have privacy, the venue could be your home or a private room at a restaurant or a hotel.

“...I have seen some baby showers which are on a similar scale to weddings!”

  1. Plan and stick to a budget
There are so many tips for having baby showers on a budget, as you could easily overspend on flowers, decorations, goody bags, venue and more. My recommendation would be to plan realistically and strictly stick to that budget. Or splurge, I have seen some baby showers which are on a similar scale to weddings!

  1. Create a guest list
Ask the mama-to-be what kind of baby shower she is looking for. An intimate female only affair or a mixed event where males are allowed? My sister chose my close family and friends, as well as including close work friends for my baby shower. In the end there were 10 women in attendance which was only half of the guests that were invited.

  1. Pick a time and date
We decided upon the 17th October, 8 weeks before Chance was due to arrive and this worked out quite perfectly. There were thoughts on having the baby shower quite close to holidays so it could be linked to a theme such as Halloween, but in the end this was the only time that worked. My baby shower lasted just over 2 hours, from 2pm to 4pm allowing for guests to enjoy some nibbles, play games and still enjoy the rest of their Saturday. Consider timings for the baby shower, the impact it could have on your guest’s day and also the mama-to-be.

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  1. Choose and send out invitations
Who doesn’t love beautiful stationery? I certainly do! I have discovered so many wonderful stationery brands over the last year, as well as ordering monogrammed stationery for Chance from Papier. For my own baby shower, my sister chose Paperless Post to send online invitations. We received so many compliments about how stylishly the invite was designed, as well as the ease of RSVPing. Invites should typically be sent no later than 4 weeks before your baby shower to give as much notice as possible to your guests.

  1. Decide on baby shower games to break the ice
Baby shower games, there are so many out there. I LOVED the baby shower games my sister chose. All place settings had a picture of myself at various stages of my life, so it was guess the age of me, as opposed to guess the baby, which was quite fun, especially as I basically got all ages incorrect! Another game which yielded funny answers was guess the baby animal. A science teacher friend of mine guessed that a baby cat was called Pussy?! And my mother-in-law guessed that a baby monkey was called an ‘Apungar’ which in Swedish monkey. Other games that can be played include Don’t say baby, baby items in the bag and dirty diapers.

“A science teacher friend of mine guessed that a baby cat was called Pussy?!”

  1. Pick a theme
You may have read that I didn’t know the gender of my baby, and actually employed many old wives tales to help predict whether I was having a boy or a girl. So, my sister didn’t have much to go on with regards to themes. There was a welcome to the world, with maps idea as I love travelling, even an air-plane theme was explored but in the end, she chose a simple coffee colour scheme theme. Which seemed quite apt, as our GP had said, that Mr L and I were expecting a coffee coloured bundle.

  1. Order a cake
The cake that my sister ordered was certainly the centre piece of the baby shower. In the shape of a baby’s bottom half and coffee coloured, it was pure icing sugar and sponge which the guests loved. I would certainly recommend buying a cake that is surrounded by cupcakes, as it felt odd taking a slice of my baby’s leg!

  1. Plan food and drinks
Not everyone is on the mocktail train, so some champagne was a must at my baby shower along with soft drinks and water. Checking with the guests whether they have any dietary requirements is a must, to avoid a guest not being catered for, as well as checking with the mama-to-be what food aversions she has. My sister chose comfort foods which was laid on by the Melia White House, which included gourmet crisps, sandwich sliders, fruit cocktails and salads all in mini size.

“Not everyone is on the mocktail train…”

  1. Buy goody bag gifts
One of the things that I regret was not paying more attention to the goody bag, I have a bag somewhere but honestly I cannot for the life of me remember where?! My sister organised gold paper bags which included baby feet bookmarks, baby sweets and mini beauty products as well as personalised thank you cards and labels for my guests to take away. The goody bags was a thank you to everyone who came, who made time as well as purchased a gift from my baby registry. It was oh so Instagram worthy!

  1. Order decorations
Linked to point 2 of sticking to a budget, my sister chose to decorate the space with balloons in shades of gold and white, glitter and place settings which doubled up as decoration and part of the baby shower game. There was also a baby shower book in which guests left messages and advice for me which was extremely joyful to read following the shower.

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  1. Organise the baby registry
I chose John Lewis for my baby registry and stuck to the basics, so it was an incredibly boring registry but I just wanted the absolute essentials, lots of which came handy and made the list of things to invest in for month 1 of parenthood.
Absolute musts for a baby registry include muslins, sleepsuits and nappies.

  1. Plan to take photos
Honestly, I didn’t take enough photos, I should have taken more as I certainly didn’t capture all of the faces of my guests, the food, the goodie bags, the decoration and place settings and time flew by so was only 2 hours after all.

  1. Have fun
What I did do was have a lot of fun. I was 32+ weeks pregnant, enjoyed spending time with friends and family and time flew by so quickly...much like one’s wedding day. I had so much fun in fact, that even though they say you only get the 1 baby shower, I may just do it again!!!

Are you hosting a baby shower soon? What baby shower theme do you like the sound of?

Thank you for reading and please do follow me on Pinterest to see which baby shower theme images I am pinning.

Thank you!

SAL xx


  1. Great post filled with great tips. I haven't attend a baby shower before nor have I done one for myself. Ha!! You never know though. I might some day so thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Hi Missy, Thank you so never know just bookmark for later x


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