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#WHIITELISTBuys - August

#WHIITELISTBuys - August

As you may have seen WHIITELIST has gone through a bit of an update, which means that the WHIITELISTBuys has had an update too.
Each month there will be an instalment of the used up products in our home, and a brief summary of my experience with those empties....before they became empties.

August was a busy month, and we seem to have accumulated quite a few empties, whilst some others seem to have found their way to the recycling bin without being photographed.

I love baby oil! Chance and I don’t use this to moisturise, I actually use it to clean and shine the slate tiles in the bathroom, keeping them looking pristine from week to week. What I love about baby oil is the hydrophobic qualities meaning it repels water, preventing water marks.

Based around blemish fighting ingredients such as salicylic acid, medicinal ginger and peppermint, this cleanser lasted longer than expected. For a full review, read why I rated this cleanser 4.6/5 in the post bareMinerals, 5 natural skin care musts.

In the 23 things they DON’T tell your about childbirth and labour YouTube video I spoke about the 3 or 4 stretch marks that I noticed once my belly had deflated. I tried a few things to keep those pesky marks at bay, which included boosting my collagen intake, using Bio Oil and rosehip oil in my pregnancy skincare and anything else that I heard would work. Unfortunately when you balloon to 40 lbs, I don’t think you can avoid them. I wish I had started using this earlier, is all I can say, the formulation of sweet almond oil, shea butter, rosehip seed oil, evening primrose oil, vitamin E and some other oils means that I have seen a vast improvement in my stretch mark appearance. What's more, its natural, free from petrochemicals and my skin feels soft and supple.

Chance and I love this following a dip in the pool. In the recent post 9 essential baby products for your beauty routine I spoke of how much I love using this baby wash to not only bathe, but also to clean makeup brushes and combs. This 3 in 1 swim wash not only smells good, removes that chlorine smell, but leaves our skin feeling soft and fresh.

There were 2 bottles of this in the empties box, but I only photographed the one for aesthetics. This featured in the post 9 essential baby products for your beauty routine as it really does work for mums too! Chance uses this as his only moisturiser, I use this as my evening facial moisturiser as it’s rich in antioxidants and vitamins, and free from phthalates, parabens, SLS and petrolatum.

You may have seen in my recent 47 random facts about me YouTube video, where I mentioned that every other week the wonderful Mr.L shaves my hair! This low maintenance style still requires a little styling, so I apply this honey and coconut moisturiser daily, for moisture, shine and curls.

Mr.L orders a lot of wipes monthly. I love wipes. I use them for Chance’s bottom, I use them within my own beauty routine (read 9 essential baby products for your beauty routine) I use them everywhere. Since I use so many, I love that these are compostable, as well as free from parabens, chlorine and other nasties.

This is rich and luxurious, just like being at a spa...if you fear oils, you should not! I have combination oily skin and I am now, well, oil-obsessed! Read the post bareMinerals, 5 natural skin care musts and see why I rated this 4.7/5. In fact, when this product finished, I find a suitable alternative in the Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Nourishing Baby Oil but missed the smell of this oil.

Feels like I am constantly plugging the 9 essential baby products for your beauty routine post, but honestly, as a new mother, it feels like I have been missing out on wonder products such as this shampoo and wash for the whole of my adult life. The sweet orange and lemon oils leave both of our skin feeling nourished and clean, and my hair has gone from slightly damaged after years of relaxing to quite healthy in the last 6 months.

We go through a lot of diaper ointment in our household. This was another one of those products that made the empties box in multiples. This diaper ointment leaves Chance’s bottom feeling soft, smooth and free from diaper rash. I also use it around my eyes in the evening, rich in amino acids, almond oil, proteins and vitamin D, I feel as though it’s keeping those wrinkles away. We will see in 20 or so years time, but for now, it feels as though it’s working.

Since I introduced this to my husband, he is an absolute convert. This is actually his product which he heavily relies upon for that refreshing and clean shower come morning and evening. Why he loves it? The yummy organic citrus scent, invigorating experience and the speed at which it takes to lather and dissipate in the shower. Why I love it? Certified fair trade ingredients, organic and recyclable bottles.

12. Brush-Baby Dental Wipes
I promise Chance hasn’t been relegated to dental wipes due to his toothbrush becoming part of my beauty routine. We tried with the toothbrush, and it just didn’t work!!! I was conscious of the fact that I needed to protect his mouth and teeth against decay, and promote a healthy environment; so when I found these wipes for his first teeth, I jumped at it. It works! Chance loves them and we clean his gums, 2 bottom teeth, tongue and cheeks twice a day.

13. Byredo Mojave Ghost
The small bottle was part of the refill set, and has fast become one my favourite scents and essentials for the perfect vanity. On days when I wanted to feel enigmatic, soft and strong all at the same time, I would spray this scent which had top notes of Jamaican nesberry, magnolia mid-notes and cedar wood base. Typical scent for me as you may have read from the post using scents to invest in my purse-onality.

That’s it, what empties made your recycling bin this month? Which products haven’t you tried from the above?

Thank you for reading and please do follow me on Bloglovin’ to keep up with my #WHIITELISTBuys at the end of each month.

Thank you!

SAL xx



  1. I love Burt's Bees, I had no idea they did diaper ointment, I've had the Mama Bee Belly rub before and it was lovely. I'll have to check out the ointment!


    1. Hi Jenny, I ABSOLUTELY love Burt's Bees, can't you tell!! I actually used the Neal's Yards belly rub when pregnant, which was lovely but didn't prevent the stretch marks (I know they are unavoidable) but had a wonderful texture. You must check out the ointment not only for nappy rash, but to use at night for under eye puffiness and intense lip treatment...I have tried it for you and it works! x


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