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9 Essential baby products for your beauty routine

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Have you used nipple balm as lip balm? Read the 9 essential baby products you can use in your beauty routine, including tips and tricks to save you time and money, which might make you shop for all your beauty needs, down the baby aisle.

Since becoming a mother, it’s fair to say that as much as I care about my appearance, spending time on myself has moved way down the list. I recently spoke of the tips that help me balance work and motherhood after failing for so long, and how I made time for myself and my tootsies through at home beauty service Perfect 10.

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One of the many things I have learnt through motherhood is efficiency. When I bathe, Chance baths, when Chance moisturises, I moisturise. Why do we need separate products when baby products are safe enough for babies to use, that I can use them to as part of my beauty routine?

These are the baby products that I have incorporated into my beauty routine, and the tips that I have learnt along the way. Enjoy!

“Why buy face wipes when you can happily use baby wipes...good for baby’s bottom and mummy’s face!”

  1. Baby Wipes
I love baby wipes! There I said it, I use baby wipes for absolutely everything from cleaning Chance’s bottom, to wiping the stainless steel light fixtures, taps and the bottom of our non-stick pans. You can never have too many baby wipes in my opinion. I use baby wipes to remove eye makeup, tame unruly eyebrows, remove makeup from my clothes, deodorant marks, and as an alternative to face wipes. Why buy face wipes when you can happily use baby wipes...good for baby’s bottom and mummy’s face!
Chance and I love using Naty Eco Sensitive Wipes with Aloe

  1. Cotton wool
Is cotton wool a baby product or a beauty product?
I always felt that I was doubling up using wipes and cotton wool; baby books recommend using cotton wool and water in the beginning, and since baby wipes have gotten so much better over the years, I find myself wetting cotton wool to use for the inside and outside of Chance’s ears. Other than for keeping my son’s ears clean, I use them to lift and remove stains (usually from my clothes when I am rushing to get ready in the morning), removing chipped nail polish and lastly for placing in a bowl on my dresser, one of the essentials for the perfect vanity, having soaked them in essential oils to give off a lovely scent. Especially when I want to save my candles.
Chance and I love using Boots Baby Cotton Wool Balls

“For those times that I remember to clean and condition my makeup brushes”

  1. Baby oil
There are so many articles out there for this baby product. I have read the beauty uses for baby oil, the unusual uses for baby oil, new uses for baby oil that don’t involve a baby, amazing beauty uses for baby oil and they are invariably the same. They are the same because they work. I have used baby oil to cleanse my face, especially when my bareMinerals oil obsessed cleansing oil had run out. You can use it all over your face to remove makeup and stubborn eye makeup. For those times that I remember to clean and condition my makeup brushes; moisturiser from head to toe including my hair; as eye cream before bed at night and for conditioning my cuticles.

  1. Baby shampoo
I love the smell of baby products, don’t you? I love using baby products even more. Why is it that when you turn a certain age you have to just ‘grow up’? One day whilst sitting in the bath with Chance I decided that I wanted to wash my hair and not worry about tears. I wanted to wash my hair and have it smell as gorgeous as Chance’s hair and feel just as soft. So I took the plunge and haven’t turned back since. My hair has gone from damaged to healthy. On top of that I now use the same baby shampoo and wash to clean my makeup brushes, when I am having a 5-minute shower before bed to remove my makeup; clean the family hairbrushes and combs.
Chance and I love using Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash

 “If you have those ‘witch’ spots on your chin and on your nose, apply nappy cream!”

  1. Nappy cream
I always get a spot, when I have something important coming up! Hours before I was to get married nearly 5 years ago I came up in hives, the day before my native Nigerian wedding a spot came up, when I was going on stage as a teenager to receive a BA Silver Crest Award I came up in 2 spots one on the tip of my nose and the other on my chin...I looked like a witch!
I wish I had known back then, what I know. If you have those ‘witch’ spots on your chin and on your nose, apply nappy cream. I made the switch from toothpaste to nappy cream a few months ago, haven’t looked back. I apply it to that irritating spot that has just erupted; if I get an ingrown hair, at nighttime as an intense treatment for my dry lips; on one occasion as deodorant and it worked; puffiness under my eyes and my favourite was on my feet on our recent trip to Saint-Vincent Italy, to protect my feet from the sun, which actually worked as there is zinc-oxide in the nappy cream.

  1. Baby wash
With all of these wonderful babies and children’s products, it makes me want to become a child again. I have stopped buying shower gels for myself and since Chance and I bathe together, I just use his. I hope he doesn’t mind? It’s just that I feel so clean, and smell so beautiful afterwards! I also like using the wash to clean my makeup brushes, remove my makeup when having that quick 5-minute shower and wash the family hairbrushes and combs.

“baby powder can be used to prime my eyelashes before mascara...I haven’t been blessed with the eyelashes of a camel!”

  1. Baby powder
Apparently, we had thrown this out into the recycling, so it’s not included in the image above...sorry! This is the only product I actually don’t use on Chance. I do however use it for ALL of my beauty needs. I read somewhere baby powder can be used to prime my eyelashes before mascara, and I need all the help I can get as I haven’t been blessed with the eyelashes of a camel! My therapist used to use it after waxing, I now use it after epilating. Baby powder can be used to set makeup acting as a primer, absorb excess oil in hair, deodorant and on your feet before you were open toed shoes.

  1. Baby toothbrush
My lips are highly responsive to cold air, wind, sun, every day! So I work hard to prevent dry, chapped lips. I used to use my toothbrush but since that is extremely firm it was doing more harm than good. Since Chance’s two bottom teeth have erupted, we have been working hard to keep them healthy and that includes brushing several times a day. He doesn’t like that very much so we have shifted approach and invested in Brush Baby Dental Wipes, I digress! Since Chance no longer uses his brush, I have started using the soft bristle toothbrush on my lips to exfoliate the dead and dry skin and it’s been working like a charm.
Chance doesn’t but I love the Aquafresh Toothbrush Milk Teeth

“if you see a woman applying nipple balm to her lips  on the Piccadilly line, it’s most probably me!”

  1. Nipple cream
One of my new mother must-haves was lanolin nipple cream. Perfect for soothing sore nipples and protecting them from cracking. Once that was no longer a breastfeeding issue, I saw an alternative use. My lips and my feet. In fact, the lanolin nipple cream was featured but not mentioned within the 17 must-have items for your cosmetic case. As I mentioned above my lips get dry and the pure lanolin is such a lifesaving treat for my lips. During the Summer as my feet were always exposed in my wedges the only thing that was intensive enough for my dry heels was the trusty Lanolin nipple balm. So...if you see a woman applying nipple balm to her lips  on the Piccadilly line, it’s most probably me!
Chance and I love using the Lansinoh HPA Lanolin

Which baby product beauty hacks save you time and money? Which baby products do you love for yourself for their amazing beauty benefits?

Thank you for reading, and please do follow me on Twitter and let me know which of the tips above you loved the most.

Thank you!

SAL xx



  1. Baby wipes to remove makeup. Now that's clever. True multi-purpose!

    1. Yes! I mean I use baby wipes for everything these days, but for the purpose of this post, yes they are a true beauty must-have.

  2. Baby wipes to take off my make up is a must for me! I also use Sudocrem as a spot cream and it works so well, apparent Cheryl cole/ tweedy uses it too!!

    1. Hi Mandie, what did we do before baby wipes? The diaper ointment spot zapper, we don't use Sudocrem as we love the natural ingredients of the Burt's Bees, but same premise and it has celeb backing!

  3. My kid sister uses both the normal face wipes and baby wipes, they do all you listed. Baby product do alot to beauty routines.

    1. Yes, they do, and it's an efficient way to do beauty for time poor mamas!

  4. Baby wipes and baby oil are definitely useful. What I've never tried on this list is the nipple cream. I had no idea that you can use it on your face, to be honest.

    1. Nipple balm as lip balm has been a lifesaver for me, and I have tried all balms but this works the best. I think it's the pure lanolin!

  5. Wow this is really enlightening xD Will look at all of these products a bit differently now!

  6. You definitely have some awesome ideas Simi. I hadnt thought of these baby products in this perspective but yes Baby wipes have been come to our use most of the times in absence of handwash :)

    1. Thank you Rashmi! Well you get quite creative when you don't have much time...the diaper ointment happened by accident and the nipple balm occurred out of pure envy of my son's lips!


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