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6 Stylish ways to decorate a minimalist nursery

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Inspired by the Scandinavian nursery trend? Looking to create a modern nursery? Read my tips on how to create a minimalist style in your baby’s room.

There are many reasons I am lucky to be married to my Swede. Mr.L indulges in my love for having a white contemporary home, helps me balance work and motherhood by cooking and sharing the home responsibilities and hopefully will buy me a brand new bag, since he feels that I use my Chanel WOC a lot!
Read the post 10 things every woman should have in her purse...I am sure that means he will be buying me a new bag?!

When the health visitor came to visit our home in the early days of Chance being born, she asked whether we had just moved in?
I, of course, love having a minimalist, contemporary and modern home, and that love definitely didn’t bypass my son’s bedroom. When working on Chance’s minimalist nursery there were things that stood out to me as important.

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Mokee cot
A place to sleep, the cot. A place to sit and feed, the chair, and how much Eames I could ‘invest’ in without blowing our budget out of the water.
In the end I settled on the Vitra Eames RAR rocking chair on my search for minimalist nursing chairs by the way; and I realised that on my journey to minimalist and modern nursery that there must be stylish ways to decorate a minimalist nursery without giving it that ‘sparse’ feeling that causes the health visitor to question whether we are moving in...or out!

A minimal bedroom and nursery for me needs to feel tranquil, yet bright, which for us is achieved throughout the entirety of the house with floor to ceiling white walls and bleached wood flooring. Needs a focal point such as a crib or a bed, and very little else. It needs to have a child’s personality, playful and fun with accents of grey and black, in a true Scandinavian style of being neutral, monochrome and natural.

Here are my tips on how to create a minimalist style in your baby’s room with stylish details...that won’t make the nursery look sparse.

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Mokee cot // Swedish Sheepskin // Eames Elephant 
  1. White minimalist crib
Finding a crib that fit in with our white contemporary aesthetic actually wasn’t too difficult; there are now so many brands that cater to this style. As the main feature in the nursery, I felt the Mokee Mini Cot with its minimalist Scandinavian design, sustainably sourced beech wood and 3-year life span was the perfect crib for Chance’s room.

  1. Grey textiles and rugs
As a space for a young child, I feel that grey textiles allow for that feeling of peace and tranquillity. Not only does grey complement the white walls and bleached wood flooring, it gives that airy and warm feeling to this minimalist nursery.

6 Stylish ways to decorate a minimalist nursery 4.JPG
IKEA frames // Lego storage boxes // RAR rocking chair // Swedish sheepskin
  1. Statement storage
As much as one can try to approach a baby’s nursery or child’s bedroom minimalistic-ally, there will be clutter in the form of toys. Toys, teddies, books don’t have to be relegated elsewhere but can be used in chic ways; such as showcasing them in white open storage which matches the walls and floors, or through this statement lego storage brick, which complements the grey textiles and rugs adding texture and another dimension to the decor.

  1. Design classics
Having an iconic design in a nursery makes the ultimate statement. I chose 2 design pieces, the Eames Elephant by Vitra and the Eames RAR rocking chair by Vitra. The RAR rocking chair for me is the perfect minimalist nursing chair and something that Chance can grow up with. The Eames Elephant can not only be used as a toy but is a statement piece of decor within Chance’s bedroom.

6 Stylish ways to decorate a minimalist nursery 5.JPG
Eames RAR rocking chair // Swedish Sheepskin // IKEA frames // Mokee cot
  1. Black frames and framed prints
Going for a simplistic design, I consciously made a decision to leave the walls bare. I chose furniture and storage in white to match the walls, and the bleached wood floors, to make not only the room feel bigger, but also create a statement of the grey textiles and the accents of black in the frames. The black and white palette allows the heritage photos of Chance’s great great grandparents, great grandparents and grandparents to stand out, as well as the prints from Mr.L’s childhood. The framed map and black framed prints also adds contrast to the walls.

  1. Green plants and Succulents
This cactus was actually bought around the same time as Chance was conceived, so in effect is the same age. If you can do this I would certainly advise buying a plant around conception that your little one can take with them when they leave home. Green plants and succulents again reinforce that natural Scandinavian style, adds texture, especially a cactus and makes a statement in a predominantly monochrome interior.

6 Stylish ways to decorate a minimalist nursery 6.JPG
Apple eMac // MUJI acrylic frames // Cactus from Kew Gardens
What minimalist nursery ideas do you have? Which accent colours would you use to in your child’s nursery? Are you a fan of Scandi interiors?

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Thank you!

SAL xx



  1. I love these ideas! I'm really into grey color schemes in nursery! :)

    1. Thank you Monique! Grey and monochrome schemes are modern and timeless. Really does grow with the child.

  2. Now this is my DREAM nursery!
    I don't think I would ever be able to achieve this - But I will never say never and give it a try. I'll let you know how I get on.
    Thanks so much for showing me this post hun.
    Charlotte x

    1. Hi Charlotte, TOO KIND! Honestly give it a try and I look forward to seeing some stunning pictures xxx


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