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HAPE - Green and Sustainable baby toys

HAPE - Green and Sustainable baby toys
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WHIITELIST discusses choosing green, sustainable and safe toys for babies. Featuring Hape Mr. Tambourine and Hape Rainbow Xylophone from Babipur

Even before I was a mother, I always tried to lead an eco-friendly and green lifestyle. I will be the first to admit that some products are easier to be ‘green’ on than others, like home cleaning products and nappies.
Toys, on the other hand, aren’t as easy!
I may have hit the jackpot with Pinterest-worthy teethers for Chance but navigating the minefield that is children’s toys can be mind boggling at times. Is it non-toxic, free of BPA, Phthalates, Lead, and PVC, organic, free of harmful pesticides and chemical dyes and eco-friendly?

Some (my in-laws) are of the mindset that toys that contain harmful chemicals wouldn’t be allowed in children’s stores, but I will not subscribe to the ‘safe until proven otherwise’ philosophy when there are toys being sold that include BPA (mimics oestrogen and disrupts hormones) and phthalates which interrupt growth and reproductive development.
HAPE - Green and Sustainable baby toys
Recently on a trip to Hamleys, I was confronted with how many ‘non-green’ toys there were out there, there's tonnes! Luckily for me, it doesn’t seem as though I am alone in the pursuit for toys that don’t leach toxic chemicals into the home. There are now companies such as Babipur who specialise in sustainable, fairtrade, ethical, safe and green toys and Hape the global leader in quality wooden and bamboo toys.

Not heard of Hape?

The Hape building blocks were recently featured as a #WHIITELISTBuy and is fast becoming Chance’s favourite toys to play with. In fact, I have filled my online shopping basket at Harrods with a couple of items that I know he will love, such as the award-winning toys the Pound and Tap Bench and Dynamo Dominos.
Hape was founded by Peter Handstein whose real mission after a career as an educational toy salesman was to create safe and innovative products that inspire play whilst learning.
Why I love Hape is that I have seen Chance speed through his developmental milestones, having fun and playing with these gender neutral safe toys, which are made using natural materials, water-based paints and adhering to the strict safety and quality standards.
HAPE - Green and Sustainable baby toys
An example of this is in one of Chance’s favourite toys, his rainbow xylophone the colourful and noisy rainbow xylophone. Whilst Chance practices his scales, I talk him through the colours of the rainbow, ‘Chance hit the blue swirl, Chance hit the yellow stars’...yes it may seem early to be working on matching and hand/eye coordination but if my son’s dexterity is anything to go by and understanding of cause and effect (yes if I hit the blue one it doesn’t make as loud a noise as the red) then it’s never too early. Unlike a child of 12+ months old who may just use this for sweet music, my 8-month-old loves using the stick accompaniment as teethers!

The other is his Mr. Tambourine another noise music maker that Chance loves to hit and shake. Both the rainbow xylophone and Mr. Tambourine are great for children’s fine motor skills, promoting hand/eye coordination in the tapping of the stick accompaniment or the shaking of the Mr. Tambourine, promotes dexterity and drives the understanding of shaking and tapping to make music, cause and effect.
HAPE - Green and Sustainable baby toys
The Mr. Tambourine and rainbow xylophone can be bought from Babipur for £9 each (bargain) if your little one is 12+months, although as mentioned Chance is 8 months is perfectly fine playing with both.

Are you looking for ‘green’ alternatives to your child’s plastic toys? Have you heard of Hape before?

SAL xx

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  1. i had no idea toys contained these harmful materials! Glad you found these safer and greener options! Chance is the cutest playing with these!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. Hi Pam! Yes some toys do, but I do believe the industry is responding and working towards cleaner, greener, safer options. Thank you! He loves playing with his toys x

  2. I absolutely love your blog! I am new mum of a little girl and love sustainable, environmentally friendly products with style and these are all so interesting!


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