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12 Summer Wardrobe Essentials for Baby

12 Summer Wardrobe Essentials for Baby  Beach Polarn O.Pyret
WHIITELIST recommends the 12 beach and summer wardrobe essentials for baby boys from brands JoJo Maman Bébé, Polarn O.Pyret and more.

There was a fair bit of travelling planned for this year. Right now I am navigating the vaccinations needed for our November holiday to Zanzibar, whilst unpacking from Sweden and preparing to pack for our trip in a couple of weeks time to Italy.

The last time we visited Sweden was in February when Chance was 9 weeks old and it was Winter. This past July, we were going to be in Sweden to visit my husband’s family, celebrate and make some beach memories. I went on a bit of a spending spree as I realised after going through Chance’s clothes that he really didn’t have that many outfits suited for sunnier and warmer climes.
When one is shopping for themselves or their partner it doesn’t require nearly as much thought as shopping for your little one! You’re shopping for a purpose, the main objective keeping baby safe in the sun whilst not hindering their ability to have fun.
So I headed to a couple of my favourite stores JoJo Maman Bébé and Polarn O.Pyret for Chance’s summer wardrobe essentials, see below:

  1. Happy Nappy Wetsuit Navy from Splash About
The Happy Nappy Wetsuit Navy is an absolute staple in our swim bag. Chance is currently learning to swim with Waterbabies, and I wanted something that allowed him to be warm in the pool, protect any embarrassing accidents as well as provide UPF 50+ when out in the sun. The only thing I would say, don’t allow your husband to do the laundry at £22.99 it will cost if you make the mistake of turning the dryer on...twice! Not calling out any husbands in particular, Mr.L!
12 Summer Wardrobe Essentials for Baby  beach polarn o.pyret jojo maman bebe

  1. Beach and Swim Booties in Navy from JoJo Maman Bébé
Currently on sale for £6.40 this is one of my favourite buys! Protected Chance from the cold waters of the Baltic sea as well as the sand.

  1. Boys Twill Bucket Hat in Navy from JoJo Maman Bébé
I love this sun hat, so stylish and goes with absolutely everything whether at home or abroad. It’s UPF50+ so protects little ones from the Sun on their head, face and neck. I would only say buy the hat with ties as this kept sliding off (I did go for a size up!) although I did use the tie from the sunglasses to secure the hat in place. I also applied NAÏF protecting Suncream in SPF50.

  1. Kids UV Rash Vest in Turquoise from Polarn O.Pyret
My husband picked out the rash vest outfit from a brand that originates from Sweden. The  Rash Vest and Swim Shorts were perfect for playing at the beach, all while protecting Chance from 98% of the sun’s harmful rays with the UPF50+ fabric.

  1. Baby UV Swim Shorts in Navy from Polarn O.Pyret
As the shorts finish at the knee, I would recommend sunscreen. Also, don’t forget swim nappies!
Such great quality fits really well and Chance loves it. The sunglasses come with straps, which could be used to secure the Bucket Hat in place should you need it to, and the plastic lenses provide total protection (UV 400)

  1. Plain Poloshirt Baby Bodysuit from JoJo Maman Bébé
I love a good polo shirt on babies, whether that is in Breton or short sleeve they are perfect. Chance has polo shirts in short sleeve, Breton stripes and other colours but the long sleeve polo shirt was perfect for wearing during the Summer and especially at the Beach for when temperatures dropped and to protect his skin from exposure.

  1. Breton Stripe Long Sleeve Top from JoJo Maman Bébé
Breton stripes are a classic, and go with absolutely everything, Chance has this Long Sleeve Top in Navy Ecru, Denim Ecru and Forest Ecru stripe.

  1. Twill Short Baby Dungarees in Navy from JoJo Maman Bébé
Dungarees are so practical, stylish and look fantastic teamed up with either a Plain Polo shirt or Breton Stripes. I love that you don’t have to undo the entire outfit as there are poppers at the bottom for easy changing.
12 Summer Wardrobe Essentials for Baby jojo maman bebe
  1. Boys Twill Turn Up Trousers in Navy from JoJo Maman Bébé
We were able to save space with these Turn Up Trousers in the suitcase, as they can be worn up for the casual summer look, or down for a slighter smarter evening look. These Turn Up Trousers are absolutely essential and look fantastic with a Plain Polo shirt  and Breton Stripes.

  1. Boys Jersey Bermuda Shorts from JoJo Maman Bébé
If Chance could speak I think he would say that these are his favourite shorts! They fall just below the knee and they are made of soft jersey for fun, not just when out and about, at the beach but at home too. Chance has these in Navy/Blue and Navy/Ecru.

  1. Boys Canvas Baggies in Navy from JoJo Maman Bébé
Same style as the above Bermuda Shorts although made from Canvas which is perfect for transitioning to evening.

That’s it the 12 Summer Wardrobe essentials for baby boys, what did you think? Which pieces were your favourites? Do you have a little girl that you shop for, which stores do you love?

SAL xx



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