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Ever since WHIITELIST blog started, people I have come across have asked me whether  I would be launching a YouTube channel.
Becoming a YouTube content creator requires a lot of work, and as someone who is completely happy in my ‘day’ job, a mother to a now boisterous 7-month-old, wife, obsessive cleaner and let’s not forget blogger, was I really going to add vlogger to my resume?

I have always been fascinated by YouTube as it has been a successful platform...Justin Bieber, Charlie (Charlie bit my finger), Susan Boyle, Obama Girl and more. Becoming a video producer, and reaching a larger audience that may not have reached WHIITELIST blog is what drove me to create my YouTube channel.

WHIITELIST by SIMI LINDGREN the YouTube channel will be an extension of the WHIITELIST blog. An aspirational destination for women who happen to be mothers (and women who don’t have children and men in fact as my audience isn’t limited to mothers)  who want to maintain their individuality, style and travel #HaveBabyWillTravel.
Curated content on Motherhood, Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion and Travel.

On WHIITELIST blog you may find Pinterest- worthy teethers, minimalist nursing chairs and Penthouse suite stays in New York whereas with WHIITELIST YouTube you will find all of my words in action; areas of my life in which I am fully passionate about that I would love to share with you every Thursday.

So here goes, watch the trailer below which shows a little about my channel, let me know your thoughts, and please SUBSCRIBE.

Huge thank you goes to my wonderful sister for filming and my blogger friend Akua of Kuiya’s Kloset for shooting some of the beautiful images that have been included in this video, which you may have seen here.

SAL xx

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