Saturday, 16 July 2016


The Memobottle is an ingenious, premium quality and BPA free reusable flat drinks container

BPA free, tick! Reusable, tick! Flat container which doesn’t take up much space in your bag, tick!
Ladies and Gentleman, I introduce you to the Memobottle.
The chic design of this eco-friendly, freezer friendly, reusable ‘water bottle’ holds 750ml (that’s as much as a standard water bottle in the A5 design) and it’s a little wider than finger width.

Now you needn't worry about lugging water bottles home and back, which are awkwardly shaped to fit in your stylish bag and will end up at the landfill.

Go on, be cool and buy the Memobottle here £22.99 for A5 size.

SAL xx

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