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Papier: Monogrammed Stationery for Chance

Papier: Monogrammed Stationery for Chance

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Don’t you just love receiving an envelope and finding that on the inside is a note on monogrammed stationery? I have to say it’s one of those things that can make my day, so when I was planning for Chance’s christening recently, I thought what way can I personalise the Godparent requests in a special way.
Mr.L had already thought it appropriate to send a message to one of the Godfathers-to-be asking them if they would take on this honour (and responsibility) via text. With potential emails and text messages flying around, I was spurred on to act and find something that would throw all technology out the window (like the Luddite I am) and would require more thought than could be expressed in text!! Do u no wot I mean?

Hunting down monogrammed stationery isn’t easy, especially when you are thinking what would a 5-month-old send? What doesn’t look so grown up? What can they have for the next 10 years before graduating to grown-up stationery?
Papier: Monogrammed Stationery for Chance
Classic Border Navy, Greeting card
Ordinarily, I would look to Smythson, the quintessential British stationer as I have seen the masterpieces they produce when it comes to bespoke stationery with elaborate borders and all the trimmings, but it didn’t seem right for Chance, I needed something more 2015 not early 1900s.

Then I found Papier!

Papier is a London stationer, founded in 2015 with an ethos of inspiring ‘people to connect with each other in a more thoughtful way’ producing designs on premium paper from the industry’s leading illustrators and artists. Printed here in England on Mohawk paper (324gsm) made in the most eco-friendly way using wind generated energy, as well as being FSC certified. This was what Chance needed.

Chance would write out Mummy would write out a thoughtful note to his 2 potential Godfathers and Godmother thanking them for taking on the responsibility of Godparent within his own simple monogram and details at the top.
Papier: Monogrammed Stationery for Chance
Royal Crown stationery set
We chose the Classic Border Navy, Greeting card to show gratitude in the duties that were indicated, and then a Royal Crown stationery set which would go out to everyone who were so kind to buy him Christening gifts.

Everyone who has received Chance’s stationery is so touched by the gesture and in awe of the quality of the Mohawk paper (it’s eggshell with a matt finish) and how stylish it is. His Godmother has kept hers for safe keeping, which in this digital age shows how much personalised stationery is appreciated.

This is the first in the ‘Christening’ series where I will share with you what I learnt on this journey so stay tuned.

Do you prefer hand-engraved stationery or digital printing? Do you like modern designed stationery or ‘old fashioned’ like me?

SAL xx


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