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#AlwaysDiscreet - 6 Tips to Empower Women with A.I.

Always Discreet incontinence products for sensitive bladder
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And I am not talking artificial intelligence.

“If I want to jump around on the trampoline with the kids, I can!”, Alyth Yelland

Have you heard the story about the woman jumping on the trampoline with her children, then all of a sudden oops! Or, the other story where your friend was laughing so hard that oops, she peed herself.
It’s called urinary incontinence, and it affects 1 in 3 women in the UK.

“If another woman can be open about it, I can be open about it too, there’s no shame in it”, Sandra Small, age 53.  

When I was pregnant, I was quite well aware of the fact that should I deliver vaginally, urinary incontinence may be something that I could suffer from. Luckily, I don’t, but for other women, even those who had ‘easy’ pregnancies, or ‘easy’ deliveries do suffer from them. Some cases resolve themselves within a year following birth, but for others, it can continue for the rest of their adult lives...and it isn’t something that just affects women who have given birth!

“I wanted to talk about it, definitely. I wanted for someone else to say ‘its ok, its fine’, but I didn’t”, Corali Sacerdote, 44, Pilates Teacher.  

Avoiding activities such as exercising, jumping, running, coughing, sneezing or even laughing because you suffer from (stress) incontinence is just one of the things that women who suffer incontinence have to put up with. Whilst there are options that one can take surgically, I armed myself with the only weapon I knew...strengthening my pelvic floor to avoid having a leaky situation. Sufferers also work hard to strengthen their pelvic floor, but as with all things, this takes time and in the interim, there are  wonderful solutions for sensitive bladders such as Always Discreet.

Always Discreet created by global feminine care brand Always®, is a collection of products for women who suffer from sensitive bladders; their aim is to provide women with the  protection and discretion they are looking for.  

“I love being who I am, now”, Claudia McDonald, retired, age 58.  

Recently, I attended a screening at the Mondrian Hotel on London’s South Bank to view a groundbreaking documentary (directed by filmmaker Flora Berkeley) from Always Discreet listening to  the stories of 5 women (Sandra, Claudia, Aylth, Jane and Corali) who live with adult incontinence.

The 5 women in the documentary, empowered by Always Discreet tell their story confidently, show that they don’t need to compromise their quality of living and send a message to the millions of women like them that A.I is normal, we should start discussing it and eliminate the last taboo in women’s health.

Full documentary here:

“I thought incontinence was just me”, Alyth Yelland, 61, Movement Teacher   

Dr. Sarah Jarvis’ 6 Tips:

Let someone know what’s going on with you, and how you are feeling. If embarrassment is preventing you from opening up to someone you know, book an appointment with your GP. There is help available.
You can train your bladder, and creating a schedule with your GP to increase your bladder’s holding capacity will be helpful if you’re worried about having an accident.
Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, don’t think that limiting your fluid intake will prevent you from visiting the bathroom, as it will increase your chances of bladder irritation due to concentrated urine.
Limiting coffees, teas, carbonated drinks and alcohol could help as they are the culprits behind a sensitive bladder.
Having a sensitive bladder can cause worry and anxiety, so it’s imperative to take some time to relax and enjoy life’s little pleasures such as meeting friends, going to the cinema or taking a walk.
Protect yourself with a product like Always Discreet, which is tailored to fit women with sensitive bladders’ needs. For more advice and product information go to

Have these tips empowered you? Do you know someone who would benefit from this post?

SAL xx

This is a collaborative blog post with Always® Discreet.  I have received payment incentive but all opinions are my own. Full Disclaimer


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