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10 Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Purse

10 Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Purse

When I was prepping this post, and pouring out the contents of my Chanel wallet on chain my husband turned to me and said ‘do you think you should alternate the bags, I feel you use that one in every shot?’.
The cheek, yes I do use it in every shot and that’s because ever since I became a mother, I have had to downsize my bag in order to accommodate the diaper bag that Chance needs for me to carry around...have you seen what’s in a baby’s diaper bag?
Mr.L did have a valid point, it may have featured a few times throughout WHIITELIST, but according to my count it has only been twice. Once during my birthday trip in New York here and the other when I was ‘using scents to invest in my purse-onality.

That aside, as I emptied the contents of my bag onto the countertop, I was amazed as to how much I could actually fit into my wallet. It is a wallet after all, a small purse and cannot be found in the bag section of Chanel but the small leather goods.

With that said, I was inspired to write a blog post about the essentials I carry with me daily when out and about in London.
10 Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Purse

I very much like making notes on the go. Most notably for some reason there isn’t a pen in my bag (usually because I ask for one) but the Luddite that I am doesn’t want to make notes on my iPhone and prefers to invest in chic stationery. By the way have you seen Chance’s monogrammed stationery here?

For some reason whenever I don’t have a pack of Kleenex in my bag I always need you find that too? A pack of Kleenex is perfect for runny noses, tears, mopping up spills and lots more.

Sometimes lips are dry and need nourishment  and this 100% natural formula softens and conditions lips. Also, it’s so slim that it hardly takes up any space in any purse.

There was a time when I refused to have an iPhone and was absolutely in love with Blackberry. Now, I rely on my iPhone to get from A to Z, take all of my pictures for my blog, social media and generally document absolutely everything (I don’t own a camera), googling absolutely everything on the go, shopping on the go, listening to music, reading magazines, checking my emails, checking my social media...basically everything bar actually using it to call people.

I have had this key ring for many years now, a gift from the husband and to this day, it has not failed to hold my keys and make key carrying look chic. I also need my keys to get in and out of my house and my mother’s apartment, which is pretty important.

10 Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Purse
  1. Money - cash, bank card, charge card etc
To pay for things. Like food and spa treatments.

  1. Loyalty Cards - Harrods Rewards, Lego VIP card (I am a mother!)
It’s nice to know that when you spend you can earn points and access more benefits. For example with my Harrods Rewards I unlock exclusive discount days, complimentary gift boxes and delivery.

  1. Gift Cards - Banana Republic
So you don’t have to use point number 6.

Living in London, or any city where one is exposed to environmental pollutants you need something to shield and protect skin from harmful radicals. When out and about I spritz this mist over my entire face and neck (eyes closed of course) even if I have makeup on.
Not as I portable but a fantastic serum the Ole Henriksen truth serum here

This isn’t just a hand cream, I use it to moisturise dry elbows, knees and heels on occasion, as it’s deeply hydrating. Our hands are exposed daily to UV rays and this scientifically advanced formula helps reduce signs of aging, pigmentation and again hydrate.

Which products are your handbag essentials? Did you notice an item missing from the's a mirror?

SAL xx

This post features PR Samples unless otherwise mentioned. Full Disclaimer

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