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Weaning - 5 reasons to love Ella’s Kitchen

Weaning - 5 reasons to love Ella’s Kitchen
Ellas' Kitchen 
WHIITELIST takes a look at Ella's Kitchen's 100% organic baby food range and talks through the experience of transitioning from breastfeeding to solids and baby food.

It only seems like yesterday when Chance was born, within moments rooting around for my breast and feeding, and now we are transitioning to solids.
Chance and I have more than perfected our breastfeeding routine, I feed him on demand and depending on where we are, he eats, be it on his nursing chair, in bed or out and about.

I chose to begin the transition to solids when Chance was 24 weeks old; I had received so much advice from everyone about when to start, at 4 months so that baby can sleep better, at 5 months to prevent allergies and fussiness, I stuck to 24 weeks, nearly 6 months in line with the most recent research and health visitors’ recommendations.
Ultimately a mother knows best, so it’s a personal decision when to start your little one on solids.

Picking the week to start was easy, the difficult part was finding foods that would promote our healthy eating lifestyle. A trip round Whole Foods picking butternut squash, sweet potatoes for me to blend and feed seemed easy enough, except when I got home I realised that I didn’t actually have enough time to express, blend, store, unfreeze then feed, and what I really wanted was to warm and feed, quickly and easily. So, I made another trip this time to Planet Organic and had a quick walk round the baby food aisle and purchased Ella’s Kitchen.

Weaning - 5 reasons to love Ella’s Kitchen
Ella's Kitchen
I think I had known for some time that Chance was ready for solids, he was developing a curiosity for foods and making attempts to grab and mouth them; if I am being honest it was most probably the feeling that my baby was growing up and wouldn’t need the milk that I made as much nutritionally as he did the first 6 months, that pushed me to wait until 24 weeks, that reason more so than the concern for his infant digestive system or potential rejection of foods, or allergies; so ensuring that I was giving Chance the best foods was most important to me and making the decision to go with Ella’s Kitchen, I needed to be 100% sure.

I definitely made the right decision.

Chance’s first meal of Ella’s Kitchen Parsnips, Parsnips, Parsnips went down a treat. He sat up on my lap, opened his mouth and leant in to take the food from the spoon, I couldn’t believe it!
I shouldn’t have been so shocked, he had had the same response when taking his daily vitamins.
Starting with parsnips as opposed to rice cereal, or fruit was deliberate. Vegetables are nutritious, can be naturally sweet but have distinctive flavours that test the palate in comparison to rice cereal or fruits. Responding positively to the ‘yellows’ that is a parsnip before escalating to ‘greens’ such as spinach and peas sets us in good stead for our food journey.

Weaning - 5 reasons to love Ella’s Kitchen
Ella's Kitchen
The Ella’s Kitchen Parsnips, Parsnips, Parsnips texture is lovely and smooth, as are all their foods, and easy to heat if needed, as I had slightly heated the food by warming the pouch in warm water for 2 minutes.
I had read that babies usually take less than a teaspoon in their first meal, whereas Chance ate about 80% of the pouch until he lost interest and I didn’t pursue it. Our first meal was incredibly positive, so I decided to purchase more pouches of Ella’s Kitchen.

Here are the reasons you should too.

  1. 100% Organic
  2. Convenient
  3. Pouches are easy to carry around
  4. Quick and easy to warm
  5. Somewhat green, travel miles are kept to a minimum

What do you think? Which of the Ella’s Kitchen range is your little one’s favourite?

SAL xx


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