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Vitabiotics - Healthy Living for Baby and Me

Vitabiotics - Healthy Living for Baby and Me Pregnacare New Mum,Pregnacare Breast-feeding
Vitabiotics Pregnacare Breastfeeding and New Mum
I have been a mother for 180 days exactly.
That’s nearly 50% of the entire year, 25 weeks and 5 days, 4320+ hours, 259,200+ minutes, 15,552,000+ seconds and I still cannot believe that I have my precious boy. It’s utterly surreal!

Every single day I am surprised by how much his hair has grown, how tall and heavy he is getting and how different he is from those first few days as a baby. It’s so important that since I have been given this special gift, that I take care of him to the best of my ability, which is why I have turned to Vitabiotics.
You may remember that when I was pregnant, I heavily relied upon the their Pregnacare Max prenatal vitamins here and swiftly changed from prenatal to the postnatal Pregnacare Breastfeeding as one of the 28 things I heavily relied upon in month 1 of pregnancy here to help me regain the loss of nutrients stored in my body during pregnancy and labour, and to aid in my production of milk; that I hadn’t thought that maybe Chance would need some help too.

I was advised when Chance was about 2 months old, that I should begin to look into vitamins when Chance began weaning, to reinforce the nutrients that he was receiving from myself from breastfeeding. More than halfway through the aptly termed fourth trimester, with my body changing before my eyes and pregnancy brain not yet left, all I could think was yet another thing to add to my long list of to-dos. But, this was the most important thing, especially as I was still breastfeeding and Chance was essentially still living off of me, as he did when inside the womb, so I needed to ensure that I was careful with what I was putting into my body at this critical period of his development.

I chose to breastfeed, as breastfeeding was possible for me and incredibly beneficial as I spoke about here; even though I was aware that there was plenty of essential fats, folic acid, minerals and vitamins such as C, D and E, I felt reassured that my decision to take Pregnacare Breastfeeding was like an insurance for Chance and me. 
Insurance for Chance that I was being taken care of, in order to take of him, and double insurance for me as breastfeeding is great for the little one, but costs mothers dearly as the needs of the baby is prioritised over the needs of the mother.

Vitabiotics - Healthy Living for Baby and Me Wellbaby Multi-vitamin Liquid, Wellbaby Vit D Drops
Vitabiotics Wellbaby Vit D Drops and Multi-Vitamin Liquid 

When Chance turned 4 months old I immediately began with the Wellbaby Vitamin D drops, living in the UK, the fact that he was only being breastfed, I was reassured that with the Wellbaby Vitamin D drops he was receiving the right amount of Vitamin D to help him develop and grow strong bones. 
It’s all quite simple really, I measure out the amount he needs (currently its 0.5ml) with the measuring syringe which is included in the pack, coax him into opening his mouth and push the formula into his mouth. A couple of seconds later he is literally licking his mouth, quite happy with himself and seemingly enjoying himself, to the point that I had to taste it thinking it was sweet (it contains no artificial sweeteners, colours, preservatives, fat, salt, yeast or lactose) and it tasted absolutely awful like natural olive oil. We are coming to the end of our bottle (not sure you can see in the image) so it has lasted nearly 2 months and all for £4.95 and some very strong legs on my little boy.

Vitabiotics - Healthy Living for Baby and Me Wellbaby Multi-vitamin Liquid, Wellbaby Vit D Drops

I recently started Chance on the Wellbaby Multi-Vitamin liquid to coincide with his weaning onto solids, although I could have started him at the same time as the vitamin D drops. It’s 2.5ml daily and I feed it directly to Chance as opposed to giving it to him in his milk or juice as it states on the box. My reason is I am still breastfeeding and don’t want to add too many steps, but the choice is yours. Why I like the Wellbaby Multi-Vitamin liquid is it provides that reassurance. You hear on the news that the Government surveys have concluded that our little ones are not getting enough of their vitamins and minerals, so why not as a little insurance (in addition to promoting the 5 a day, when they have teeth and can eat solids) give them a supplement such as the Wellbaby Multi-Vitamin liquid, which has a comprehensive range of 14 vitamins, minerals and Swiss Alpine Malt.
Again, quite easy to administer and once used I put into my fridge, only thing is Chance doesn’t like the taste of this one as much...I on the other hand do.

Vitabiotics - Healthy Living for Baby and Me Pregnacare New Mum,Pregnacare Breast-feeding

I have to say, with the amount of breastfeeding I do, I think my appetite has increased ten-fold in comparison to how I used to eat pre-pregnancy. I feed Chance on demand, for however long he wants to feed when he wants to feed. This is about twice during the hours of 11pm to 7am and around every 3-4 hours during the day. As mentioned earlier, the milk I produce for Chance is at the expense of me, which is most probably why my appetite has increased. I am so thankful to my husband for making such healthy dinners as during the day when it is incredibly busy, I am guilty of skipping meals or snacking on eggs and carrots. In fact, carrots is a good snack due to the vitamin A and beta-carotene, good for Chance’s vision and perfect for my iron metabolism.

But, I need more nutrients than that, which is why I love the Pregnacare Breastfeeding and Pregnacare New Mum supplements, which help restore those depleted nutrients from growing a baby and sustaining an infant. The Pregnacare Breastfeeding even though it’s an awful lot of pills to take, 2 orange/red breastfeeding tabs and 1 omega-3 capsule, it’s 100% necessary as the tabs are perfect for breastfeeding mothers and the omega-3 consists of those essential fats perfect for little one’s brain and eye development.
I take all 3 pills with my morning Kefir, which makes it quite easy to swallow down. My ‘mummy’ friends whom I have I recommended this to, take it even though they aren’t breastfeeding, or quit breastfeeding a while ago, and absolutely love it.

I have alternated between taking the Pregnacare Breastfeeding and the Pregnacare New Mum due to the fact that my hair started falling out in early January, and I felt like I was balding. My hair condition was negatively impacted following childbirth, that I didn’t actually realise that pregnancy had benefitted my hair, as I keep it extremely low cut!
With the Pregnacare New Mum, the formulation includes zinc and selenium which help maintain normal hair...I am not sure whether it has helped grow my hair as such, but my hair has filled in and doesn’t look as thin.
Both of the supplements are a month’s supply (28 days) and both can be taken whether you are breastfeeding or not. Remember supplements are of course never a substitute for a healthy balanced diet.

Vitabiotics - Healthy Living for Baby and Me UK's No.1 Vitamin Company
Vitabiotics UK's No.1 Vitamin Company
So, what do you think, how will you safeguard your nutritional needs? How are you currently promoting a healthy diet and lifestyle with your little ones?
SAL xx

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