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Mummy Blogs - Top 50 Mummy Bloggers To Follow

Top 50 Mummy Bloggers WHIITELIST by Simi Lindgren Paris Fashion Week
WHIITELIST by Simi Lindgren
Usually, I would be publishing my #FWIS, but I thought I would delight you with much better news.
I have recently been ranked 7 of 50 in Rebates Zone’s ‘Top 50 Mummy Bloggershere! Eeeek!
It’s one of those Legally Blonde, Elle Woods moments where one receives great feedback or a ‘warm fuzzy’ from a snap cup for their hard work, making you feel...all warm and fuzzy!

I still consider myself a blogger coming up through the ranks, compared to the seasoned bloggers that provide so much inspiration, and never stop publishing absolutely brilliant content that has me gripped week to week.

WHIITELIST has received such great feedback during its short time; I have been complimented on the design, the images which I promise unless otherwise stated is all from my simple iPhone 6.
My writing style. Chance. The WHIITELIST lifestyle.
WHIITELIST started back in April 2015 as a creative outlet (you can read it about here) and even after a long hiatus whilst I focussed on my career and pregnancy and returning February this year, I have seen it go from strength to strength; over 3000 readers, rising Twitter and Instagram audience since my profiles became public, going from around 200 to nearly 2000 in the space of 3 months!

I astonish myself, and am so pleased to be part of a community of people who support me as you do! I am by no means a professional blogger, I do have a very demanding role I am excited to return to (learn more from my recent feature here), but the support, community and satisfaction that I derive from working on WHIITELIST cannot even be put into words.
Being featured on this list, and being nominated for awards here, are amazing and makes me even more determined to make WHIITELIST a place that women turn to for inspiration.

From the infographic below, you can see that I was listed with some really brilliant ‘mummy bloggers’. Lots that even I read, which made me squeal with excitement even more.

Mummy Bloggers that I rely on include Petra of A Mum Reviews, Sofia of Lifestyle with Sofia, Sarah of This Mama Life, Helen of Coco Mama Style , Susanna of A Modern Mother , Tine of Mummy in the City and mummy bloggers that I have found such as Sarah of Admissions of a Working Mother, Paula of Mummy Vs. Work, Muriel of French Yummy Mummy and Mirka of All Baby Advice.

Top 50 Mummy Mommy Blogs WHIITELIST by Simi Lindgren Rebates Zone
Rebates Zone Top Mommy Bloggers
To continue the feeling of community, I have gone to each of these Mummy blogs to show my support...each one has their own individual writing style; some post daily (which is absolutely amazing considering the age of some of the bubbas); each one has taught me something that I didn’t know before which means they have gained another loyal reader.

Let me know your thoughts below on what you would like to see more of on WHIITELIST, would be great to hear. Also, point me in the direction of any mummy bloggers that you think I should be reading.

SAL xx


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