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Interiors - 7 Statement Pieces for a White Contemporary Home

Interiors - 7 Statement Pieces for a White Contemporary Home White minimalist home

WHIITELIST discusses the 7 statement pieces for a white contemporary home, featuring iconic design classics from Eames, Louis Poulsen, Florence Knoll, Noguchi and more.

When Mr.L and I bought our home in Barnes a few years ago, it was a labour of love. We had moved from our ‘perfect’ Canary Wharf apartment, with all the mod cons and benefits of luxury apartment living (gym, concierge and so on) and purchased a real doer-upper, that needed serious renovation, requiring us to vacate the premises and live with my mother for 3 months.

It was absolutely awful!

The whole house needed to be gutted, walls needed to be knocked down, it required rewiring, new flooring, the whole nine yards, to get it to the style we were after.
The end result was a white contemporary home heavily influenced by my design ambitions and Mr.L’s Scandinavian roots.

Interiors - 7 Statement Pieces for a White Contemporary Home minimalist home
Eames DAR armchair by Vitra, IKEA Hemnes dressing table
This didn’t change when we welcomed our son Chance, in fact, it spurred me on to create Chance’s minimalist nursery and so far so good, what seemingly looks like the world’s most child-unfriendly home, has worked pretty well so far with a 6-month-old.

My main focus in decorating a home which is essentially all white (white walls, bleached wood flooring) was to warm it up using dark furniture pieces and flowers, which you can see here.

Interiors - 7 Statement Pieces for a White Contemporary Home Cybex Priam
Wave hook by Design House Stockholm, Cybex Priam in Black
When walking into our home in Barnes (see the #CybexInTheCity series spotlight on Barnes here) I wanted to be first greeted by Aoki Lindgren (my furbaby) and secondly an attractive place to hang our outerwear. This is where the Wave hook by Design House Stockholm in black came in; I attached 2 hangers together and the black points and shadows against the white walls make a bold statement in the hallway of our home.

I am the first person to admit that I am a bit of a homebody. A couch potato! Netflix and chilling were most probably invented by Mr.L and me for all the TV we watch, and we do it on the aptly named ‘Relax’ sofa. The 3-Seater Florence Knoll ‘Relax’ Sofa is such a modern classic, and it’s made even cosier by the fur throw and these monochrome velvet Stockholm cushions. This sofa is actually where Chance learnt how to sit unsupported another milestone achieved at 5 months.

Interiors - 7 Statement Pieces for a White Contemporary Home minimalist home
from L-R Cybex Cloud Q car seatAJ Floor Lamp by Louis Poulsen, Florence Knoll ‘Relax’ Sofa, IKEA Stockholm cushions and Noguchi Coffee Table by Vitra
When Mr.L bought the AJ Floor Lamp by Louis Poulsen from Sweden, I was completely averse to it, but now it is one of my favourite pieces in the whole house. This Lamp is so simply designed, it perfectly complements our ‘Relax’ Sofa and if I am not reading one of Chance’s favourite books (see here) in his nursery, then it will be in the little nook on the sofa under the lamp.

A simple, pared back home needs one piece of sculptural furniture, and that’s where the Noguchi Coffee Table by Vitra comes in. As mentioned, the body of the home is white, but with these pieces in black such as the sofa, the lamp and the coffee table base, it really adds character to the home. Right now, Chance has a fascination with the black right angled wooden elements, thankfully he is backwards crawling at the minute whilst I think of how I child proof this stunning coffee table. Tweet me here if you have any ideas.

Interiors - 7 Statement Pieces for a White Contemporary Home minimalist home
Eames DAR armchair by VitraIKEA Hemnes dressing table and  Cybex Cloud Q car seat,
You may have read in my Eames, 3 minimalist nursing chair post how important it was to find the right nursing chair; somewhere that provided comfort and routine, as well as being functional and growing with Chance. From that post, you might have seen that I have a slight Eames obsession which is most probably why I have a few Eames chairs including the RAR Rocking Chair by Vitra in Chance’s nursery and the DAR Armchair by Vitra in my room at the dressing table. Another white Eames piece is the Eames Elephant by Vitra, again in Chance’s nursery here.
These aren’t the dark furniture pieces that I have been talking about, they are after all, all white, but it is the plastic that provides the homely feel, and the ‘Eiffel tower’ base frame that provides the WOW. It’s possibly the base of the chair that is the most attractive to me, immediately making the design a classic. The aesthetic of our home, contemporary with bold black design classic pieces and the running Eames influence seems to have carried subconsciously into my choice of pram the Cybex Priam, bold, black and functional.

Interiors - 7 Statement Pieces for a White Contemporary Home minimalist nursery
Chance in RAR Rocking Chair by Vitra, Eames Elephant by Vitra and Cybex Cloud Q car seat  

How would you describe your home? What purchases have you made that may have been influenced by your furniture?

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SAL xx



  1. Love this post! You home is so beautiful! I love monochrome!

    1. Thank you so much Lovely! Monochrome with a twist of child x


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