Friday, 3 June 2016

Best Dressed: 12 Dresses You Should Invest In

Every so often I decide to have a big clear out of my wardrobe, getting rid of things I haven’t worn in awhile, things I don’t like the look of on me anymore etc, etc. 
What took me by surprise a couple of days ago was the number of dresses that I had! I have a lot of dresses. I never really thought of myself as ultra-feminine, and dresses are always thought of as ‘girly’ as opposed to cool, so it got me thinking. Firstly, I need to downsize the number of dresses that I have, and secondly I need to ensure that the dresses I do have, I get a lot of wear out of them.

One always sees advice on other items of clothing, but hardly any for the dress. Unless I am looking in the wrong areas, I cannot fathom why that is?!
Dresses are simple. You don’t need to worry about the top, to the jacket, to the bottom of anything with a dress, you just throw it on and voila a ready to go outfit. Dresses can also be powerful, a statement of a modern woman, a professional woman in some instances, especially when you find THE dress, the one that grips you in all the right places. I have never had to worry that a dress would make me look like a ruler, or that I should get a specific type of dress, to accentuate a specific part of my body, as most dresses are flattering to all body types. Okay there are some exceptions to the rule, like pears should go for empire dresses, curvy should go for wrap dresses and slim women should go for belted dresses...although I have seen all body types in a wrap dress, and the women look fabulous wearing it without adhering to body type dressing rules.
So I have compiled a list below of dresses that one should invest in, should have in their wardrobes for all occasions, to pair with all kinds of shoes from trainers to stilettos, and styles that hopefully last through the ages.

Narrow on the top, with a gentle flare at the bottom. Wear it on any day through any weather, it flatters all body types in my opinion. Always good to have a black A-line but this would look so cute with black opaque tights and knee high boots. Psst, this one is in the sale too!

What a way to say HELLO to the Summer than with the LWD.
Perfect to pair with a tan or dark skin and neutral shoes.

See that thing that I spoke of above, about finding the top to the bottom etc, with a denim shirt dress, you don’t need to stick to the rules of not wearing denim with it’s all in one.
Pair with slides, cowboy boots or trainers.

2 trends 1 dress, boho and animal print, need I say more.

More casual than the evening gown, and in a dark colour that can be worn over and over again. One of these dresses should always be sitting in your wardrobe, for that last minute date situation, Christmas party or any evening function for that matter.

Okay, so you aren’t going on a safari but you could be living in an urban jungle.
Pair with a sun hat or fedora.

It’s like a tuxedo jacket but longer. Avant-garde, contemporary and chic, nothing says feminine and power than this.
You could wear with leather sandals or a shirt underneath.

Yes, it’s the a-line again, but this time, it’s tweed. Who doesn’t love a bit of tweed?
Pair with sandals, and don’t forget to have it dry cleaned at all times. This dress will more than likely be the ‘just in case’ your in-laws surprise you dress, or ‘just in case’ you suddenly have to interview for a promotion.

Or Husband, Partner, other half...this one is slightly grunge in its plaid-ness so pair with boots. Any kind of boots actually, Chelsea, knee high, combat, Timberlands and possibly cinch at the waist with a belt.

Ah the LBD, the timeless dress. Add as many accessories as you like (well no more than 2), make it bold and dangerous, do the same with the shoes.

Like the a-line, you can never have too many LBDs.

I have spoken of the wrap dress before here and I will most likely continue speaking of this dress (the perfect breastfeeding dress I might add) for as long as Diane Von Furstenberg is around. Maybe even longer as this dress is timeless, flattering to all body shapes and can be worn with trainers, stilettos, and boots.

What do you think, any that I have missed?
Most of these dresses can be found as part of Banana Republic’s ‘Your Life.Styled.’ campaign consisting of versatile, quality, contemporary classics. Take a look and let me know your favourites!

SAL xx

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