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bareMinerals - 5 Natural Skincare must-haves

 bareMinerals - 5 Natural Skincare must-haves
With the recent World Environment day and Earth Day back in April, it got me thinking about what steps I have taken in safeguarding nature and our planet.
I am quite obsessed with my chemical free home cleaning regime, as you may have read here and another area that I try and keep it as clean and environmentally friendly as possible, is with Chance’s skincare and nappies here and my beauty regime.
Mostly because I am trying to limit my exposure to chemicals; as much as I love living in London the amount of smog and pollution a walk-commuter such as me is exposed to is no joke! And, secondly because I want to support a more sustainable way of living.

Recently I discussed flower power and the effect that it has on us, and following a recent event with bareMinerals I am now convinced of the power of plants in skin care.
One of my aims this year has been to find the beauty products that I love and stick with them, as last year my bathroom cabinet and cupboards were filled to the brim with beauty; realistically it isn’t something that is possible when one is a #BeautyBlogger but when I am trialling products, I tend to focus on those for a minimum of 28 days so that I can see the actual effects during the time my skin cells are renewing. With the bareMinerals products below, I have been trialling for them for 47 days, and I have to say I AM IN LOVE!

 bareMinerals - 5 Natural Skincare must-haves
I chose the essentials, 2 cleansers the bareMinerals BLEMISH REMEDY Anti-imperfection Treatment Gelee Cleanser and the bareMinerals OIL OBSESSED Total Cleansing Oil; instead of using a separate day and night cream, I used the bareMinerals SMART COMBINATION Smoothing Lightweight Emulsion. Once a week I continued to use my scrubs and masks here and substituted my usual serum for the bareMinerals SKINLONGEVITY Vital Power Infusion and ended my routine with the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream which is a non-chemical mineral-based SPF30.

Cleansers are incredibly important. Not only do they rid the skin of dead skin cells, makeup and the city (or countryside) but it readies your skin in advance of a moisturiser and serum.
I chose 2 as cleansing for me is quite literally cathartic.
bareMinerals BLEMISH REMEDY Anti-imperfection Treatment Gelee Cleanser

Based around the blemish fighting salicylic acid, purifying sea salt, medicinal ginger and refreshing peppermint; I cleansed daily with the BLEMISH READY, in the morning with a 2x50p sized amount. You don’t need to use this much BLEMISH READY unless you’re like me and you love using a generous amount to create a lot of lather, to get that extra clean feeling.
So far after the 47 days, I feel like my skin isn’t as oily as it used to be, and when I did get a spot blemish, it was quickly healed. I particularly liked the refreshing feeling, and even though I did suffer an eruption, I didn’t feel tempted to use any other blemish fixes, as I wasn’t using it twice daily as recommended.
Buy here for £17.

bareMinerals OIL OBSESSED Total Cleansing Oil
Based around the soothing Borage flower and oil of Bilberry, purifying sea salt, nourishing sunflower and hydrating cucumber; I cleansed daily with the OIL OBSESSED in the evening. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m not known for doing anything by halves, but I found that I needed to pump around 7 times in order to feel like I was dissolving the day away; this could be due to the fact that you have to apply to dry skin with only a minimal amount of water on your fingertips, whilst you work it into a milky emulsion. Once you have finished ‘moisturising cleansing’ it takes about 7 splashes to remove the solution… but whilst you’re doing that the smell of the OIL OBSESSED is phenomenal! Rich and luxurious.
I rated this slightly higher than the BLEMISH READY as I felt like my skin had been thoroughly cleansed, still with that feeling of being it removed my mascara extremely easily.
If you have combination oily skin, and have a fear of oils DON’T! Give this a try and I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
Buy here for £22.

I LOVE a good serum and my hunt for the right one began a couple of years ago, as I am well aware of how powerful a good serum can be in delivering those vital nutrients, quickly. Those little guys certainly do pack a big punch.

bareMinerals SKINLONGEVITY Vital Power Infusion
Based around the herbal Lempuyang ginger, resilient Californian Poppy and the legendary ‘Long Life Herb’. This anti-aging herb is grown on “the island of good life” Okinawa.
I applied SKINLONGEVITY twice daily to my face and neck, after cleansing in the morning and the evening. As it is a serum I was careful and didn’t apply as generously as I did the cleansers, sticking with 2 pumps. I really believe that the SKINLONGEVITY helped maximise the effect of the  SMART COMBINATION moisturiser on my skin, as when I applied I felt the serum sink into my skin, providing a smoother texture, deeply nourishing and moisturising. This is the kind of serum that one has as part of their anti-aging arsenal for the long term.
Buy here for £45.

As mentioned above, I trialled a moisturiser with dual-purpose to act as a day and night cream to smooth, soften and volumise my skin, as well as revive my complexion.

bareMinerals SMART COMBINATION Smoothing Lightweight Emulsion
Based around the St.John’s wort flower to aid and defend against dry, damaged and dehydrated skin. I moisturised twice daily with the SMART COMBINATION after using the SKINLONGEVITY.
I liked the lightweight feel of this moisturiser and the fact that it was oil-free for my combination oily skin. My skin feels incredibly soft, and I have been complimented on my ‘glow’ which is amazing given that I gave birth 5 months ago. The SMART COMBINATION didn’t get a higher score from me, as I can’t say that I saw a reduction of my fine lines around my mouth.
Buy here for £30.

bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream
I have been a little bit obsessed and in love with the Complexion Rescue since its launch; I included it as part of the 17 must-have items for your cosmetic case and it was the Complexion Rescue I ended with in my essential bareMinerals beauty regime.
Why I love it? My skin feels firmer, beautifully hydrated, protected against UVA/B rays and it comes in my colour chestnut.
I applied the Complexion Rescue following the SMART COMBINATION (which actually is a pretty good base for makeup) with the bareMinerals Smoothing Face Brush, to give it that no makeup, makeup look with a smooth finish.
Buy here for £26.

What do you think, will you be looking at more ‘natural’ beauty in the future?

SAL xx

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  1. I really really want to try the Complexion Rescue, it's meant to be an amazing base product and not surprised you love it! Glad to hear you're a fan of the oil cleanser too!

    The Makeup Directory

    1. I love the complexion rescue, I actually don't use it as a base but as a tinted moisturiser for that 'no makeup, makeup' look. The oil cleanser is amazing!


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