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Chew On This - 5 Pinterest-Worthy Teethers Fred & Frends Moustache teether
Chance and his Fred & Frends Moustache teether 
I write this as Chance lay sleeping beside me, with a temperature varying 34-37 degrees, and having spent a silly amount of time pinning on my new Pinterest account here, in between taking his temperature every hour on the hour.
For the past couple of months, he has been trying to fit his whole fist (yes whole fist) in his mouth and chomping on whatever’s going to satiate an itch. The teething itch.

When I first mentioned to my GP (not my usual one) that Chance may be teething, she looked at me like I was bonkers! I explained that he had been unusually ‘chompy’ and drooly and, that I had cut my first teeth when I was 3 months...she still gave me that look.
That look didn’t stop me from walking the near 3 miles from NoMad to TriBeCa to visit Babesta Cribz, when we were in NYC in March {read about it here} to spend $50 on teethers, fuelled on nothing but IHOP’s french toast...a mother knows when her child is teething!

Having spoken to my mummy friends, it seems that our little ones are all teething, and teething differently. Some bubbas, are quite distressed and fretful, others are calm, sometimes teeth arrive seemingly overnight, other times it’s a long drawn out affair over months.
Chance is quite calm, calmly gnawing away at his wrist, Fred & Frends Moustache teether, my finger, his Gamago Cool Pop Teether, his clothes, his Lexypexy Sullivan Pretzel wooden teether, his daddy’s finger, his Sophie La Girafe and his neckerchew.

Chew On This - 5 Pinterest-Worthy Teethers
Chance and his Fred & Frends Moustache teether, his Gamago Cool Pop Teether, his Lexypexy Sullivan Pretzel wooden teether and his Sophie La Girafe

With the average tooth arriving when our little ones hit 7 months {teething can be hereditary, but as Chance nears his fifth month, I doubt he is following my pattern} and the teething symptoms preceding the actual arrival of a tooth by up to 3 months, I have collated a little list below of the 5 Pinterest worthy teethers that have been helping Chance, and could help your little ones, get through the whole teething phase; and the whole drooling, biting, coughing, pain, chin rash, irritability and refusing to eat that it brings. Fred & Frends Moustache teether
Chance and his Fred & Frends Moustache teether

This has 2 uses, Chance finds this comforting and I find it downright hilarious! It’s made from BPA-free and pure phthalate free materials and is terribly easy to clean and dry. The moustache itself has raised dots which Chance loves rubbing across his gums, as well as biting down on it to relieve the pressure from underneath his gums.
You can buy it here Gamago Cool Pop Teether
Chance and his Gamago Cool Pop Teether

It’s Summer, but Chance hasn’t been weaned yet, and isn’t allowed sugar! I found a fantastic alternative so Chance doesn’t feel left out, this 100% silicone and BPA free, ice-lolly shaped popsicle teether. Can be stored in the fridge or freezer to provide the ultimate pain relief, especially for those little ones whose gums are inflamed from the pushing of the teeth through the gum tissue.
You can buy it here Lexypexy Sullivan Pretzel wooden teether
Chance and his Lexypexy Sullivan Pretzel wooden teether

It was ‘love at first bite’ when I saw this teether. A fantastic alternative to plastic and rubber teethers, made from all natural, sustainable rock hard maple wood; you needn’t worry about chemicals, toxins, splinters or germs as it is naturally antibacterial. The collection includes everything from an NYC taxi to a Hermes Birkin design {see here} and Chance immediately grabbed it and stuck it in his mouth, as if to say, he knew that’s where the pretzel belonged.
You can buy it here Sophie La Girafe
Chance and his Sophie La Girafe

This isn’t a teether! But it is! Chance’s Sophie has soft parts which he uses to soothe and gum down on. Sophie also squeaks, which is great for his hearing, provides visual stimulation with her spots; Sophie has a distinct smell and is made from 100% natural rubber, so feels good too. What makes Sophie the perfect teether, is that she is easy to grip. When Chance isn’t trying to devour her head, he holds on to her head and gives the legs a go!
You can buy it here Cheeky Chompers Neckerchew
Chance and his Cheeky Chompers The Neckerchew

I am pleased I came across this neckerchew! It’s like he hit 4 months old and switched the drool tap on; I was constantly dabbing away the drool and saliva from his chin to prevent chin rash, in addition to reaching for one of his teethers for him to bite (and drool) on. I googled and found this neckerchew which comes in stylish colours, reversible, so effectively 2 bibs in 1 to mop up all that excess saliva, with the teether attached at the end. Again, it’s BPA and phthalate free, and it’s a welcome alternative to Chance chewing through his clothes.
You can buy it here Chew On This - 5 Pinterest-Worthy Teethers
Chance's Fred & Frends Moustache teether, his Gamago Cool Pop Teether, his Lexypexy Sullivan Pretzel wooden teether and his Sophie La Girafe


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