Tuesday, 26 April 2016

How To Wear: Fishnets

Wolford Fishnet and Christian Louboutin PumpRefinery29 Flowers from Bloom&Wild

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of the ‘fishnet’? Woman of the night, the ‘naughty’ woman, what?
There seems to be this love-hate relationship with the fishnet; it’s experienced somewhat of a revival, and now I am seeing them in various fashion magazines and street style shots everywhere this Spring.
As I aim for yummy-mummy-dom, and the fact that I would like to wear the fishnet, without being mistaken for the other type of woman, I understand that with the fishnet trend, the case is always, definitely, less is more, and quality over quantity.
You want to see a glimpse of the fishnet to inspire intrigue, not the whole shebang, to inspire...shebang!
Wolford Fishnet and Christian Louboutin PumpRefinery29 Flowers from Bloom&Wild
Here are a few tips to wearing the fishnet this Spring:

  • Show a glimpse at either the ankle or around the knee
  • Go for smaller holes, and a fine mesh
  • Best worn with tailored trousers or wide leg trousers (like the ones here)
  • Try fishnets that match your skintone
  • Alternatively wear black fishnets with black boots or heels, so that the eye is drawn in a straight, clean line with the net providing the contrast
  • Pair with either masculine shoes, or ultra feminine heels
  • Invest in a good pair of fishnets like these Wolford Madeline Knee-Highs or the Wolford Madeline Tights

    Wolford Madeline Knee-Highs, Refinery29 Flowers from Bloom&Wild

How are you styling your fishnets this Spring?

SAL xx

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  1. I love how you styled these! I haven't really worn fishnets besides for costumes but these are very classic.

    Michelle || www.byquinn.com

    1. Hi Michelle, Fishnets can really make a statement, a fashion statement that is, if they are carefully styled! Thank you x

  2. I have fishnets on my mind too. I agree you have to be a little careful with what outfit and shoes you 'll pair them but I think it's worth it!

    1. Hi Rosalie, it can be worth it to make a fashion statement!

  3. This is a really interesting topic, Simi, albeit we're talking about, well, pantyhose basically. But it's interesting because I admit, I'm prejudiced when it comes to fishnets and the connotations that come with being seen wearing them. I don't know. I'm not certain they're something I'd wear but then again, having worn many new things this year, don't quote me on that :) xo

    1. Hi Sheela, it can be tricky! There is this love-hate relationship, but there is no doubt that the fishnet can add a little something to an outfit...if worn right, that's why the tips above can be quite useful! Do let me know if you try them out! x

  4. Oooh yes, fishnets always seem tricky but you've eased me into it. Thanks for such an informative but positive post x

    Myra, myramyla.com


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