Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Going REAL with gNappies

Going REAL with gNappies
Chance in his gNappies

Yesterday was the start of Real Nappy Week; in its 20th year the event celebrates the benefits of real nappies and promotes the change to cloth nappies.

I've always been quite conscious of my effect on the environment, and this didn't change when I got pregnant. I spent time researching the pros and cons of Eco nappies to cloth nappies, whether it be carbon saving, reduction in nappies being sent to landfills, cost of landfills to taxpayers, and of course the cost to our own pockets.

The internal struggle I had with myself wasn't so much that I didn't want to reduce my carbon footprint, it was whether I actually wanted to reuse my nappies in all its stinky glory? Then I came across the brand gNappies with their cute, modern reusable nappies.
Decision made, I would try the gNappies alongside the eco nappy brand NATY we had chosen, without abandoning the convenience of throwing away a soiled nappy, without abandoning our efforts to be green, and exposing our son to the chlorine and perfumed ingredients that can be found in 'normal' nappies, and possibly,  maybe, there would be a long term cost saving aspect, although none that we immediately saw.

Chance in his gNappies..crawling away kind of!

It was a simple as doing the usual Ocado shop, and adding the cotton gPants into our basket, alongside the 100% biodegradable inserts. The pants come in an array of colours from the limited edition colours to solid colours such as the genius blue you can see Chance sporting.

The nappy covers can be washed, but the magic occurs in the actual insert, which are chlorine free, latex free, perfume free, dye free (like the NATY) and disposable. So when it's time to change after 2-4 hours all you have to do is switch out the insert and add another to the pouch.

There a few options in terms of buying, there is the newborn bundle at £109.95, starter bundles or you can do what I did, and buy the pant and the disposable inserts at a cost of no more than £30; which should last you just under a week. Alternatively, you can subscribe to have the inserts delivered every 4 weeks, so you never run out, and dont have the pressure of remembering to re-order.

I chose the disposable over the cloth inserts, for pure convenience, and the fact that it would require more changes.
close up of Chance in his Genius blue gPant
Chance quite enjoys wearing his gNappies at home, although I have been boring and stuck to the genius blue, you need around 7 gPants, so you have the option to choose from the whole range of colours, in the various sizes.

If you think you're quite similar to myself, find yourself out and about with bubba, travel monthly and like things slightly easy especially when your husband is on nappy duty at the weekend, then the gNappies is for you (to use at home) and you can couple this with another eco solution such as NATY when you're out and about.

It's Real Nappy Week and Earth Day (22nd April) how about stocking up on disposable inserts for those gNappies mummas out there! There's 20% off until April 25th with code HAPPYEARTHDAY here 

Have you been considering 'real' nappies?


Another reusable nappy brand to keep an eye out for is Bambino Mio

Chance and his gNappies ...he hasn't really moved!



  1. I do love reading these posts despite not being no where near motherhood. It's nice to know about the safer nappy options available to me when I do reach that period in life :)


  2. Aww the photos are so adorable!


  3. Aw too cute haha. I really like your blog by the way, let me know if you would like to follow each other!


  4. Sooo cute!!your Picts are always beautiful!!! Lots of love babe! Will tell my sis in law about this one!!😘😘💖 xxx www.missgunner.com

    1. Thanks Ash! Hope your SIL finds this useful! x


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