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Awards Season: MADs 2016 and BiBs 2016


Vote for me as the BEST NEW BLOG and BEST LIFESTYLE BLOG in the MADs here

Votes for me as the FRESH VOICE and BEAUTY & FASHION BLOG in the BiBs here

Award season is well and truly upon us, and I’m not talking the Country Music Awards or the MTV Movie Awards, NO! I am talking the MADs and the BiBs. Come and support me by nominating, thank you!

Being completely new to blogging world, I wasn’t aware of these accolades until the magical tweets appeared on my notifications, ‘you’ve been nominated for…’! One of the first things I did was a little squeal act cool, second thing was to google, check social media and thirdly squeal again!
I had been advised by THE Peckham Mamma (Clemmie Telford) when I was still in complete shock, and unsure whether to run around the house or beg for votes, to go for a combination of the two.

I have entered lots of awards before at work, and understand that it usually involves a huge amount of work, so was completely humbled and honoured that my readers (hopefully not just my family members) nominated me for an award, spent the time because they felt I deserved it, and that WHITELIST by SIMI LINDGREN, deserved it. Obviously there are upsides to this, great PR, beautiful logos to go on my media pack and site, but more so it gives me an opportunity to stand out from all the other wonderful blogs out there.

Vote for me as the BEST NEW BLOG and BEST LIFESTYLE BLOG in the MADs here

Votes for me as the FRESH VOICE and BEAUTY & FASHION BLOG in the BiBs here

That’s the thing, there are so many wonderful blogs out there, that I didn’t want to use this post to ‘beg for votes’ but also to honour the blogs I love reading the most, that inspire me and hopefully convince you to not only vote for me, but also those that have inspired me. To save you time, I have collated a few of my favorites below for you, and if you could spare a few minutes before the looming deadlines for the MADs 2016 on the 8th April at 17:30hrs here and the BiBs 2016 on the 13th April at midnight here.


I started this blog in April 2015, what was meant to be a travel blog evolved into a parenting lifestyle blog with a minimalist and luxe edge, having relaunched in February 2016.
I cover fashion articles such as “I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom”; beauty articles like the ‘National fragrance day 2016 - using scents to invest in my purse-onality’; lifestyle like ‘Chance’s minimalist nursery’, travel such as the ‘Babymoon part 1 - Maldives’ and Motherhood with posts like ‘The 15 unforgettable books every child should read’ and the all time favourite ‘Journey to meeting Chance’ which has been read by over 1000 of you since I published it 60 odd days ago, which I think is absolutely phenomenal, thank you!
I am incredibly new to this, and look at the blog having really started since the relaunch this year, especially as 60% of my content has been published since January. What I have learnt is that although I am trying to publish content daily, blogging can be difficult and time consuming (especially with a newborn) but I really do love it. I love it when I log onto my google stats to see that there are people reading the blog at midnight; I love owning a little corner of the internet, and most of all I love documenting my motherhood and thoughts. I JUST LOVE IT!
It’s still incredible to me that I reach so many people in the UK, US, Denmark, Sweden and Canada and 42 other countries (thank you); and that I generated 7089 pageviews last month (WHAT!) and that 5.3% of my audience is male!
With the majority of my audience female (94.7%) and 25-34, it’s nice to know that I am able to write for you, and that so many of you come back and read what I have to say. I don’t have a niche, apart from just being myself and it seems that is ‘special’ enough for you to appreciate, so thank you.
Vote for me as the BEST NEW BLOG and BEST LIFESTYLE BLOG in the MADs here
Votes for me as the FRESH VOICE and BEAUTY & FASHION BLOG in the BiBs here

Now can you do one more thing for me please?
Please continue to support me by nominating me and my favourites.

Vote for me as the BEST NEW BLOG and BEST LIFESTYLE BLOG in the MADs here
Votes for me as the FRESH VOICE and BEAUTY & FASHION BLOG in the BiBs here

Blog Twitter ID: @SimiLindgren

For those for you who aren’t aware, The Mum and Dad (MAD) Blog Awards are THE UK’s largest and most exciting awards for parent bloggers. The awards are in their sixth year, and last year over 7000 parent blogs took part. Essentially, I could be 1 in 7000+.
There are a range of categories but only 6 blogs in each category will make it to the awards ceremony in London on September 16th; essentially my favorite bloggers and I will need the most votes to make it to the ceremony, or wait to be selected by the judging panel for the shortlist, before the vote is put to the public to make the final decision (bar the Blog of the Year), very exciting indeed.
Blog of the Year who has excelled over the past 12 months, producing unmissable content that never fails to entertain, inspire and inform NOMINATE HERE
Best Pregnancy Blog Ruth is a blogger who started a brand new parenting adventure last year, and began blogging about pregnancy. NOMINATE HERE
Best Pre-School Blog captures the pre-school years. There’s creative activities and toddler-friendly recipes. NOMINATE HERE
Best Schooldays Blog Sarah’s kids are well above 4 years old, but she shows the fun doesn’t stop when your children start school and beyond. NOMINATE HERE
Best Family Travel Blog Lots of  fabulous family adventures, that inspire us to keep travelling and exploring new destinations as a family.NOMINATE HERE
Best Craft Blog This amazing blog is so inspiring it could get me crafting, sticking, cutting and making with Chance when he is older.NOMINATE HERE
Best Food Blog amazing cooking, from baking to family meals, that make your mouth water! NOMINATE HERE
Best Lifestyle Blog stunning images and just-so styling (check out my instagram here too) sharing everything from fashion, beauty, interiors, travel and current affairs. NOMINATE HERE
Best Writer  can paint a picture and capture a memory with the written word. NOMINATE HERE
Best Use of Photography pictures that are just as powerful as the words they accompany – whether it’s on Instagram, blog posts or Pinterest. Simply can’t take my eyes off! NOMINATE HERE
Best Use of Video taking YouTube by storm one of my favourite video bloggers. NOMINATE HERE
Best New Blog
ME my blog is less than a year old, stunning images across my blog and social media here , sharing everything from fashion, beauty, interiors, travel and current affairs. NOMINATE HERE
BritMums highlights the best of parent lifestyle blogging in their BiBs, Brilliance in Blogging Awards. Recognising the most creative, inventive and compelling blogs of the year!
Like the MADs, the BiBs is one of the UK’s most popular blogger awards. Once I have nominated WHITELIST by SIMI LINDGREN and my favourites,  10 people will be chosen in each category to be included in the shortlist (5 blogs with the most nominations, and 5 chosen by BritMums/judges), with the shortlist being announced on Friday 29th April. Once the shortlist has been announced, the community will vote from Friday 29th April through midnight Wednesday 18th May; and the Finalists will be announced on Friday 27th May (5 finalists from each category, 2 with the most votes and 3 chosen by BritMums). If I win, this will be announced on the evening of 19th June 2015 at BritMums Live.
Fresh Voice
ME  as I am a newbie in the blogging world; it’s my fresh approach to blogging and social media – with content, pictures, video and voice that makes my readers take notice. WHITELIST by SIMI LINDGREN is less than 18 months old, and recently relaunched in February 2016.
Food the blog that is good enough to eat
Inspire The content, the voice, the infectious enthusiasm of Oana encourages everyone around them.
Social Media social media knows who Sally Fazeli is.
Writer features writing that makes it hard to stop looking and reading.
Photo blog is a feast for the eyes, with their arresting images.  
Video harnesses the power of video and compulsively watchable clips.  
Travel passionate about travel and a realistic perspective of travelling with kids.
Beauty & Fashion
ME a true fashion and beauty lover; my blog can be described as classy and fabulous; interesting dimension to fashion and beauty coverage with a luxe minimalist mummy edge.
Art, Craft & Design marvel at the creativity  
Family Honest and open about the realities of family life   
Readers’ Choice a blog that doesn’t fit into any one category

Thank you so much for your support! Fingers and toes crossed.

SAL xx


  1. Gorgeous as always and omg you started in April!!! yay!! hehe I started in Jan 2015 and I didn't even want to tell anyone about it! Blogging is the best thing I've done! You are so right its awesome to know that you can connect with so many amazing people around the world!! Good luck with the nomination babe!! Go and get them tiger!! xxx Ash

    1. Well I started intermittently, in April it was completely private no one could read it really, unless I alerted them to it, and then February this year, I went completely public! It is so much fun and great to own a little corner of the internet isn't it? Thank you so much Ash xx

  2. Replies
    1. Wow, thank you so much, coming from you Andreia xx

  3. Lovely outfit! You are so pretty! And those sunglasses look great on you :)

    xo, mikéla /

    1. Aw, you're too kind Mikéla, thank you! The glasses I have had for about 7 years they are literally my staple and go to from Chanel x


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