Sunday, 13 March 2016

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Alpha C

C is for Chance, at least that is what I say to Chance every other day, as I think that if I repeat it enough times, maybe my 3 month old will respond.

My love of white, minimalist interiors is blatantly obvious when you step into my home. Bleached wood flooring, white walls, white kitchen, white and minimalist everything. In fact, the health visitor came round to my home for my 6 week check, and asked me whether I had moved in recently?! No, I replied, I have lived here for about 2 years!

Every so often I am on the hunt for brands that fit my aesthetic, this hasn’t changed since becoming a mother, it might actually have heightened, as my son’s room reflects the same theme throughout the house, bar the jungle gym my best friend got him. White Vitra Eames elephant and White Vitra Eames RAR rocking chair, white walls with photos of his family and world travels.

Chance on his rocking chair, with his elephant

The walls for me are a work in progress, so I began to search and found the wonderful brand Emerybloom of Sweden, Scandinavian art prints from Sweden. Tada! And from Malmö no less, a town not from my husband’s Ystad.

They specialise and produce freshly printed art pieces, on 100% cotton paper designed by Brit and Welshman, Gareth Emery. MrL is a Swede who moved to England for me, and for love I guess, and Gareth, moved to Sweden for his love and partner My. EmeryBloom is a family affair and all artwork is made either by Gareth, My or his family.

The C print above is from the alpha series and is about £9 or 110 SEK, absolute bargain for these stylish, quality prints, which are produced using the most eco-friendly, inks and papers. My other favourite from the much wittier range which includes prints such as ‘Socker Gris’ is the Farthinder, or in English ‘speed bump’ as below.


What’s better than Scandinavian prints for your home, or your little one’s room? Actual Scandinavian prints from an eco-friendly brand...EmeryBloom.

EmeryBloom will give you 15% off with code: WLSIMI15
Enjoy and You’re Welcome.



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