Monday, 21 March 2016

NATIONAL FRAGRANCE DAY 2016 - Using Scents to Invest in my Purse-onality

Today March 21st, is National Fragrance Day, seems like there is a day for everything these days? Yes, that may be true but aren’t some days more special than others?

I change my fragrance daily, depending on how I feel, and how I want to feel. Sometimes, when I smell Miss Dior it reminds me of my youth and early adulthood; when I smell Britney Spears’ fantasy, that mix of white chocolate and jasmine (yes we all had this perfume didn’t we?!) it reminds me of an old boyfriend.

Scent, fragrance, can really transport you back to a time and evoke old buried memories...can you imagine a perfume or a candle being that powerful? So, of course we should celebrate it.

As a new mother, I rarely wear anything on my person due to breastfeeding, and not wanting to confuse my son too much with scent; my home on the other hand, as soon as evening comes round and candles are lit, fragrance dances in the air and lulls us to sleep.
When I am out and about, I like to carry a little something around with me, and these days due to the fact that Chance’s diaper bag goes everywhere I go, whatever I carry around has to fit in my Chanel WOC.

Below are the fragrances I love both perfume and candles that fit neatly into my Chanel bag this Spring.

Bvlgari Goldea, eau de parfum

Meaning ‘Gold Goddess’, Goldea is floral, yet bold; when sprayed the initial notes are orange blossom, raspberry, bergamot and crystal musk, developing into golden musk, ylang-ylang and jasmine. The base of Goldea reminds me of the smell of my old dorm at boarding school, amber and patchouli. This fragrance is extremely feminine and sensual, able to evoke memories of a 16 year old me, whilst empowering me to feel like a ‘sexy mother’!
Miller Harris Feuilles de tabac, eau de parfum
I spent my mini-moon, November 2011 in Morocco, and although this would usually be a men’s fragrance, composed of rich woods, tobacco leaves and spices, I wear it to remind me of that wonderful time nearly 5 years ago, when I was a newlywed. I have noticed that most of my favourite scents always include Bergamot in the top note, and a form of Patchouli in the base...the heart of this parfum is cascarilla oil Cuba and pimento berries.
Miller Harris Poirier d’un soir, eau de parfum
Have you been to Istanbul? If not, you should, read about it here. Chance was conceived around this time, and although I acquired this fragrance after my trip, there is something about the complex aromas of a ripe pear, dipped in rum extract with a hint of caramelised sugar that reminds me of my Istanbul trip and walking around the spice markets and Bazaar. Again, the top note is Italian Bergamot, heart is rum extract, Turkish rose and Indian papyrus, with a base of patchouli, white cedarwood and birch tar oil.
Jimmy Choo Illicit, eau de parfum

Created by perfumer Anne Flipo for a woman who is ‘hypnotic, attractive and living life to the fullest’, my good friend Holly introduced this to me (and the below candles), I think primarily because I had mastered the ‘snapback’! Initially it was slightly too floral for me, as the heart notes are rose and jasmine, but it’s the sandalwood base that grips you and makes you feel like taking risks.
Annick Goutal, Splendide & Eau d'Hadrien perfumed candles
Earlier, I mentioned that whilst I was breastfeeding, I tried to stay away from perfumes for fear of interfering with my son’s feeding ability, so when Holly introduced me to these candles, it was like a Hallelujah moment. Annick Goutal candles are made up of a blend of high quality mineral waxes; the wicks are also waxed so that they remain upright when the candle melts.
The Splendide relaxes you, like when you start to smell the beginnings of spring, and that olfactory bulb of yours is lit with the releasing of fragrance from flowers blooming.
The Eau d'Hadrien invigorates you, I can only describe it as the smell of a Summer’s morning; Sicilian lemons and grapefruits, nothing like citron notes to gently wake you from a slumber.

What are your Spring favourites, let me know as I would love to learn more?



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