Tuesday, 8 March 2016


Sunday 6th March 2016, was my first ever mother’s day.
The day didn’t start like any other, I was making my way back home from a wonderful few days in New York for my birthday, in fact at midnight GMT I was in the BA Galleries lounge at Newark Airport.

As mentioned, I had just spent a few days in New York for my 27th birthday, so I wasn’t expecting anything, and to be honest, I felt like the whole week had been mine already...very lucky girl!

Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday, is a day to honour one’s mother and actually any woman who is ‘motherly’, be it grandmothers, aunts, mothers-to-be, and when I finally did post on Instagram, I dedicated my first mother’s day post to them.

In the cab ride from London Heathrow, as I was checking my phone I could see all the mother’s day messages filling my feed, and as my battery was dying I thought there is no way that I can just go home and sleep through my jetlag! I wanted to do something special, and what’s more special than showing up on your mother’s doorstep and surprising her?

There are many ways to celebrate the women in your life, who have given you life and experiences, it could be through gifts, cards or very simply with flowers.

I had received the ‘Sofia’ from Bloom&Wild just before I had left for New York, and when I returned home, I was surprised to see that they were still blooming nearly a week later. It was the purple Lisianthus that stood out to me, it was like my 12 week old son was speaking to me; the purple flower which sometimes can be mistaken for rose, and is as beautiful as the floral favourites such as peonies and ranunculus, is also associated with those born under Sagittarius (my son’s birthday is 10th December) and is a gesture of deep appreciation and gratefulness.

I already felt that I had been given a truly amazing gift in the form of my son (and don’t forget that week in NYC), and later on in the day I planned to snuggle up with him and watch movies. Keeping it simple.

For my mother, I chose to make her smile, with the surprise of Chance and I turning up to spend the Sunday morning with her, and also to surprise her with flowers. Having been inspired by my ‘Sofia’ those fresh cocktail of flowers, I was able to celebrate my first mother’s day with my own mother.

Make someone smile today or every week or month, by subscribing and sending your own #LetterboxFlowers from Bloom&Wild.

This post is for all mothers, be it mothers to your own, someone else’ or furbabies.


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