Sunday, 27 March 2016

Losing Sleep, over Losing Sleep

Chance & I - I am wearing River Island cream jacquard pyjama top and bottom, Chance is wearing John Lewis Baby Organic Cotton Bodysuit

This morning the clocks went forward at 1am and launched us into British Summer Time. 
Spring is one of my favourite seasons, mainly because it's my birthday, I love seeing flowers bloom, getting a ton of presents, and all round feeling 'Springy'; Summer is usually better, vacations and sun...I just seem to function so much better as a person with sunlight. 

BST on the other hand, not so great. Losing an hour of sleep with a 15 week old didn't exactly fill me with joy.
Chance is not a high maintenance child, he falls asleep quite easily, sleeps through the night and barely cries...he is however an early riser!
My Winter baby seems to have grasped the concept of maximising the hours of sunlight available to him, and right now that's 0544, or 0644 BST.

River Island Cream Jacquard Pyjamas

Being a Spring baby myself, it takes me awhile to adjust to BST, it's only 1 hour, but that 1 hour can affect me for at least a month, so I have implemented a few things that promote better sleep so I am not yawning the next day, such as having the windows open and getting a breeze, lowering the light on my iPhone when I am reading the Daily Mail (isn't that everyone's guilty pleasure) and going to bed at around 10pm so that I can at least doze off around 11pm.

Now I have a little one, my thoughts turned to how BST would affect him. Would it even have an effect on him? I mean the clocks going forward means that his 0544 wake time, is now 0644 (a lot better for me) but how does it affect him? Does it affect him? Should we be going to sleep an hour earlier than usual, so that he can establish a new sleep pattern? Should I amend his napping routine?

Chance in John Lewis Baby Star sleepsuit, holding his Kimbo Comforter and grey cellular blanket (both Little White Company)  

He is a Winter baby after all, so I know by now he must have worked out when it's time to sleep, by the adjusting levels of light, will BST throw that all off?
Then I had a thought, why I am I losing sleep, over losing sleep, I can do all of the above but as a parent you learn that you can plan, plan and plan again but whatever will happen, will happen, so why not just snuggle up and sleep. Which is what we did.

Chance & I - I am wearing Hanro of Switzerland, Constance spaghetti dress AW15

How did you handle the clocks going forward?

SAL xx



  1. You look like a very stylish mommy. You`re photos are so beautiful and creamy. I function better when there`s sunlight also!

    1. Thank you Zenobia! Yes vitamin D is a life saver, ultimate beauty need. SAL x


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