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Chance's Minimalist Nursery

Vitra Eames Elephant, White
I have been meaning to post this for some time, especially as I have talked about Chance's nursery in a couple of posts, with regards to the minimalist style and essential items.

When MrL and I announced that we were expecting, we were bombarded with questions of the gender, how would we decorate the nursery, etc,  and my reply was always the same. We weren't going to find out the gender so we would be sticking with the theme of our home, whites and greys; and a baby's needs are simple, which they are, my son just wants to be breastfed and snuggled!
Chance in John Lewis Baby Star sleepsuit, holding his Kimbo Comforter and grey cellular blanket (both Little White Company)  
I actually found it incredibly difficult to shop for the nursery, mainly because we are such minimalists and I didn't want anything that screamed 'baby' and secondly, I wasn't exactly sure what I needed and what was in fact niceties.
Chance's Nursery
Do we need a bumper? Are bumpers safe? Where are the plain black or white bumpers? All  somewhat valid questions but not essential items. I needed to strip down our child's needs to the basics. Where will he sleep? Where will I feed? Where will he change?
So I focussed on that initially, a cot/bed, a nursing chair, a changing station but as most parents would most likely have realised there are so many styles, colours at varying costs. I wanted items that were safe first of all, stylish and cost effective. I am of the mindset that I am not going to spend a ton on a changing mat which would be out of use within a year.
Chance's sleeping area
The most important piece of furniture for the nursery was the cot; it needed to be safe, durable, long lasting (something that would not only be used by Chance but the children I plan to have later) grow with Chance and convert to a bed. It took a long time to find something I liked, but find I did and at such a reasonable price. I chose a Mokee, minimal, affordable, safe and could be later used as a bed, it ticked all the boxes for me. 
The next item on the list was the mattress, naturally. We are a family who like long lie-ins and before I realised that Chance would need to spend the first 6 months in our room, I was acutely aware that as a baby who would most likely like his sleep, he would be spending up to 18 hours in his cot, so the mattress needed to be high quality, with inner springs as they last longer than foam mattresses (costing a little more), support bubba's body precisely and better ventilated.
Chance's little details. Vitra Eames Rocking chair and sheepskin, changing station, Fjällräven bag and frame of family photos 

After buying the mattress and the cot, thoughts naturally turned to the bumper. My mother was adamant that I needed one, that should Chance move around he could/would get his arms or legs stuck between the slats of the cot; I on the other hand couldn't find a breathable mesh bumper, that would lower the risk of suffocation and fit in with our home design, so that was immediately removed from the list. I didn't want either a carrycot or a cradle, and instead purchased a Cocoonababy nest. The Cocoonababy is a MUST HAVE, I mentioned it last in the post '28 things you should invest in for month 1 of pregnancy' and it really is one of those items, have a look at that post to learn why. I want to dedicate a post to my co-sleeping experience, especially as it was something that I never imagined I would do, and how the bedside sleeper I chose promoted co-sleeping, but a co-sleeper or a bedside sleeper is another item that should be purchased.
Chance's changing station, teething toys from Babesta Cribz in NYC and personalised bathrobes from My1stYears

When MrL and I attended our antenatal classes we learnt that a baby uses about 8-10 nappies a day; since then experience has taught us that we just need to have a never ending supply of nappies in the house, as well as the items that go with it. So, armed with the knowledge that I needed a space where I would be changing on average 70 nappies a week, what was needed was something that could be easily wiped, comfortable enough for me not to be hunching over and convenient. I didn't like any of the changing tables I saw, they just didn't scream longevity and screamed BABY! 
Instead, I chose to adapt my Malm chest of drawers from IKEA by placing a changing mat on top, and placing all nappies, wipes, diaper ointment in the first drawer, sleep suits and bodysuits in the second drawer, shoes and outerwear in the third drawer and muslins and linens in the bottom drawer. The beauty of this chest of drawers is that it will grow with Chance, and was incredibly affordable.
Soft toys from the Little White Company, Childcraft books from my childhood
How furniture is arranged, depends on how you would move around the room, I placed the cot across from the changing area, as I felt I would take Chance from bed to the changing station, and then to the chair to be fed and rocked, to the cot again. The rocking chair was another important purchase, I certainly wasn't going traditional, and wanted something that fit our design and would grow with Chance. I already had the Vitra Eames DAR armchair at my dressing table, and was delighted that they had a rocking version in the Vitra Eames RAR rocking chair.  
My Apple eMac from when I was 9 years old, Aden&Anais serenity star with sonogram and Hoptimist; Eames elephant as before
I felt that those were the essential items that I needed and they fit perfectly with the minimalist, monochrome theme. Non furniture items that I purchased included a baby monitor from Babymoov, a monitor which definitely needs its own post as the features are incredible from monitoring temperature to music and nightlight to being able to record your baby and watch them from anywhere, all whilst emitting zero radio waves. The other I was gifted at my baby shower is the Aden & Anais Serenity Star which takes multi tasking to another level with a sound machine, electronic feeding diary, temperature indicator and nightlight...oh and ever so stylish.

Chance's nursery and our home, as you most probably have seen from my Instagram here is extremely simple, whites for cleanliness and light, greys for coolness and practicality; on my search for inspiring nursery ideas I came across dark greys, olive greens and more which looked stunning. I am pleased with the end product, we spend a fair bit of time in his room, and I hope he feels safe and calm, as I do when we are in there.

What do you think?



  1. I love this. It is so incredibly stylish. And I adore the way that you have reused old furniture to help create the budget friendly minamilist style. Hugs Lucy xxxx

    1. Thank you Lucy! Minimalism doesn't always have to be pricy! x


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