Tuesday, 22 March 2016

A Bobble of Water on #WorldWaterDay

Bobble Infuse and flowers from my friend Serah

When I was at school, we had this nurse who would prescribe water for everything. If you had a cold, water was the cure, if you were stung by a wasp, water was the cure, if you had a headache, you guessed it, water would cure it.

Internationally, we are observing today the 22nd March 2016 ‘World Water Day’ and using it as an opportunity to learn about water related issues, and hopefully inspiring change; I am using today as an opportunity to discuss the importance of water.

You may remember that I included water as a must have gift here for Valentines; really hydration or water needs its own post.

When I was pregnant, I was always thirsty, if I wasn’t drinking, I was peeing, so the need to drink water was doubly important. There are many benefits to drinking water during pregnancy; from delivering nutrients to your growing baby, to preventing constipation and haemorrhoids.

In order to maximise all the good foods and prenatal vitamins that you take during pregnancy, water needs to transport them to your bubba, so you should be drinking at least 2litres or between 12-13 glasses daily (not all at one go mind!) and it’s much easier to do so if you have a good jug or water bottle to help.
That’s why I absolutely love Bobble! I purchased a Bobble jug when I found out I was pregnant, and kept it on my desk. The BPA and PVC free jug fit neatly on the side of my fridge, filtered out chlorine and other nasties from tap water, in order to hydrate me, all while looking quite beautiful. I knew that once the jug was finished, I had had my 2 litres, which was great, no worries at all.
There may be no such thing as eating for 2, but there is certainly a thing of drinking for 2 when you have so much more waste to get rid of.

Flowers from my friend, Bobble Infuse and Red Bobble Jug (2l)

I was pregnant throughout the whole of Summer, thankfully I wasn’t heavily pregnant, although being pregnant means your whole body is several degrees warmer than usual. Drinking water really helps with that overheating, swelling and the other pregnancy symptoms such as headaches and fatigue.

With the need to have lots more water, one needs to ensure that water is that much safer, especially when it can be contaminated with random chemicals which could harm you and your baby; a jug may be a little much to carry around so grabbing a bottle of water from your local might be the first thing you think of to do. Did you know that BPA which can be found in some plastics, mimics oestrogen?
I was gifted the Bobble Infuse by Bobble/Auteur, and my first thoughts were this solves 3 problems...ensuring that I drank clean water safely, secondly, water can be infused with fruits and vegetables so that if drinking water day in and day out gets boring, you can zest it up and thirdly...oh so pretty!

The need for water doesn’t end once bubba is born, if you decide to breastfeed, you need to take in more water. Don’t overdo it, I have read in several places that too much water diminishes milk production; you need enough to quench your thirst and a little bit more.
Carrying a Bobble around makes life easy, whether you are pregnant, breastfeeding, a water drinker or active. Take a look at the site and tell me which colour is your favourite?



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