Friday, 25 March 2016

106 days of Chance

Chance and those nail varnish marbled eggs

“There's Really Nothing Quite So Sweet As
Oh, how I love baby feet, and those toes! Why do they grow so fast?”
Author Unknown

It’s Chance’s first Easter this weekend, and I am trying to capture these special moments and document them as well as I can. I have spent time marbling eggs with nail polish (without gloves), as I type, there is blue, pinks and white nail polish dotted all over my right hand; I have taken many photos, as new parents do and I have talked to him about the meaning of Easter...unsure of whether he has understood me, but he smiles anyway.

Chance at 8 weeks old 

I cannot believe how much my parents remember of everything that I did as a little girl. My dad still remembers that he was a cab driver, and a security guard, and studying at law school when I was born. He remembers things like my picking up the vacuum cleaner to tidy up our flat in King’s Cross, and the way that I tidied his shoes into the corner at 3 years old. Back then he didn’t take photos, there certainly wasn’t any camera phones (I can remember my first phone at 9, it was an Ericcson with a traffic light aerial, the size of a brick, so I cannot imagine what daddy would have had) and if my father was to document my milestones, I imagine he would have done so with a post it note and stuck it somewhere to be forgotten, I mean I was born the month and year the world wide web was invented!

So, I am so pleased to have my Milestone™ cards to capture and look back on special moments, as time has literally flown by so baby is no longer classified a newborn, and he has brought so much love and joy that I just don’t want to forget those key moments. Milestone™ cards are sold in 12 languages in 37 countries and have everything from pregnancy cards (which I didn’t buy unfortunately so I feel I have missed out actually) to Toddler/Junior cards. When they say cherish the early days they go by so quickly, they aren’t kidding.

I have literally documented nearly every single moment through week 1 to now, and as much as I am becoming a prolific instagrammer, most of these moments I am keeping for myself so that by the end of the year I can add to a photobook to gift my son on his first birthday.

Chance's milestones to date

Week 1, the first 7 days of Chance’s life whilst I slowly navigated motherhood, I showered you with kisses and spoke to you, as I knew that you could recognise my voice. Week 2, as I breastfed you, I could see you looking up at me, whilst you learnt to focus. Week 3, on your grandparent’s anniversary you were learning to smile, or maybe it was wind, whilst we snuggled on New Year’s Eve. Week 4 you had found your voice to daddy’s surprise. Week 5 you had perfected the art of the press up and loved doing it on daddy’s chest. Week 6 even though I left you for the first time with your ‘mormor’ whilst I went into the office, later that evening you treated me to a much needed smile, in response to mine. Week 7 you let me know that ‘Hotline bling’ was your favourite song, as you rocked from side to side (thank you Drake). Week 8 you’re learning quickly and have visited your native Sweden, as well as Denmark. Week 9 you’re really vocal now talking back and forth with me. Week 10 you’re extremely curious and want to see the world. Week 11 although you’ve been sleeping through the night for a while now, you are an early bird. Week 12 you’ve visited the big Apple and like grabbing at things. Week 13 it sounds like you’re saying ‘mama’ but then you’re laughing afterwards, could I be hearing things, or are you really talking? Week 14 you love swimming but seemed bored of your playmat, and prefer to attempt crawling on the bed, which is a good thing because now at week 15 you have learnt to push yourself over and roll!
Milestone cards up for grabs 
I would love for you all to do the same thing, I have partnered with the award winning Milestone Cards to give you a chance to win Baby’s first year (original edition) and The Early Years (1-4) original toddler photo cards from Milestone.
If you’re a new parent or pregnant, then with the award winning ‘Baby’s first year’ photo cards you can document your baby’s first year through week 1, to when your bubba says ‘mama’ or ‘dada’ for the first time, either for social media and/or a photobook gift. For those with bubbas who are older than 1 years old, keep memories of the day your toddler counts to 10, climbs the stairs and dances.
It's easy to enter:
1. Simply Follow Milestone Cards on Twitter HERE and ME on Instagram HERE
2. Like the ‘GIVEAWAY’ post and leave a comment of either ‘BABY’ or ‘TODDLER’ or both, with your favourite milestone
3. You can also tag a friend who you would like to win
4. You can enter as many times as you like, but for extra chances to WIN simply follow me on Twitter and Facebook (HERE and HERE) and leave a comment below this blog post of your favourite milestone and either BABY, TODDLER or both.
That's it. You're automatically entered to win the prize! The winner will be announced on April 3rd 2016. This giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Must be 18 years or older.
Competition is open WORLDWIDE although photocards are in ENGLISH.
This is part of a collaborative blog post with Milestone™. I have received samples to gift my readers but all content/opinion is my own.

Good Luck All,

SAL xx

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