Friday, 5 February 2016

9 Mumma woes (and Bubba) that Vaseline can solve

Have you carried a tin of Vaseline in your bag at one time? I am assuming the answer is yes! Thinner skin on the lips than the rest of the body means that they need that extra protection from chapping.

Have you used Vaseline to cure lip dryness? Yes, right?!
Vaseline can soften, soothe, protect and repair skin dryness caused by environmental exposure as well as give you glossy lips... so why just use it on your lips.
When Vaseline was discovered in the 1870s this global icon was used for precisely that reason; the ingredient petroleum jelly doesn’t irritate, is hypoallergenic and helps retain moisture by providing a barrier.
With these benefits, surely there must be more uses than for one’s lips.

As a new mother, I suffer from a few things, damaged cuticles caused by washing my hands all the time and becoming dehydrated, in fact I have dry skin period, dry lips and dry feet.
Lack of makeup, that isn’t an ailment as such but I am not looking the ‘heightened beautiful’ version of myself, so I am minus my eyebrows and eyelashes and messy hair :-(
Tags and sticker labels. Yes, I have received a ton of gifts and items that I have bought for Chance and they come with these labels, which are a bugger to get off!

Chance, yes my 8 week old son, what use would he have for Vaseline? He has soft, smooth skin and is an all round handsome boy. Well, 8 weeks ago there was this black, tarry stuff eeking out of his bottom, also known as meconium, not the easiest of things to clean; and a couple of his friends had cradle cap, a crusty skin rash which flakes like dandruff.

So to summarise…

  1. damaged cuticles on mummy
  2. dry lips on mummy
  3. dry soles/feet on mummy
  4. unruly eyebrows on mummy’s face
  5. non existent eyelashes, again mummy
  6. messy hair
  7. annoying sticker labels
  8. Meconium (need I say more)
  9. Cradle cap

How can Vaseline help?
  • You can at least look like you have healthy nails, even if you haven’t had a manicure, by rubbing Vaseline on your cuticles to avoid dry skin. If you have time, the softened skin can then be pushed back
  • Soften and gloss your lips using Vaseline and sugar; a little bit of sugar, a little bit of Vaseline, and a little bit of rubbing to remove dead skin cells, then slick some Vaseline on to gloss
  • Remember that episode of ‘Sex and the City’ when Miranda sat in front of the TV watching infomercials, her hands moisturised with Vaseline within Borghese gloves? It’s the reverse for your feet, although you could do it for both hands and feet
  • Tame those unruly hairs and sculpt your eyebrows by applying a bit of Vaseline to a cotton bud and sweeping
  • Before you go to bed (finally) you can dip a cotton bud into Vaseline and brush the root of your eyelashes to lengthen and condition them; if you have used waterproof mascara, you can even use the same technique to remove stubborn mascara
  • Yes we all have time to brush our hair, but it may be quicker on occasion to slick some Vaseline into it and voila you have styled your hair in under a minute
  • Those sticky labels, wipe some Vaseline over the top and rub gently and it should slowly peel off
  • For those couple of days when your newborn is producing meconium, just moisturise their bottom with a little Vaseline and see how easy it is to remove next time you have to change their nappy
  • If your newborn suffers from cradle cap, a little bit of Vaseline massaged into the irritated area, should help deeply moisturise and improve this condition.

So if you have one of those Vaseline Lip Therapy Original tins that usually cost next to nothing, see how you can make your £2 stretch with the above tips, using this multitasker.

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