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23 new mum Valentine's Day gift ideas that aren't flowers or chocolate

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Valentine's’ day is 4 days away, and I am publishing this post later than I had planned! What does Valentine's day mean? For some it is a liturgical holiday, to commemorate Saint Valentine who performed weddings for soldiers who were not allowed to be married, and was imprisoned for these acts. For others it is a day to express their love to a partner by offering chocolates, soppy cards, flowers and other gifts. For me, as a new mother it is a day to communicate my love to MrL as I have been swept up by my son (obviously!) and vice versa.

It would be a lie to say that I don't want to be gifted on Valentine’s day, because I do. It’s just that the usual organic chocolates, red roses and lovely meal will not cut the mustard. I am a new mum, so I have compiled a list of the things that I think that a new mother could benefit from on Valentine’s day.
  1. The gift of SLEEP from Lulunannies where you can receive a good night's sleep, knowing your baby is being cared for by DBS checked nannies, who will feed, wind, change diapers and lull them back to sleep whilst you get your 8 hours.  Need help maximising your sleep time, apply some Sleep plus dream body a multi-tasker which releases scent when it detects sleeplessness through its motion detection technology, as well as leaving you with smoother skin.
  2. The gift of YUMMY MUMMY SKIN and say adios stretchmarks, or at least see them on their way with Mama Mio Goodbye Stretch Marks Stretch Mark Minimiser a moisturiser jampacked with peptides, fruit and algae extract to help improve the appearance of stretchmarks (they cannot be removed with moisturiser alone as stretch marks are deep tears in the skin tissue) and once more it doesn’t affect breastfeeding. And say hello to perky boobs with Mama Mio Pregnancy Boob Tube Bust Cream, the vital omegas in this formula help to hydrate, strengthen and elasticise those boobs that are currently yo-yo-ing from milk full to milk depleted.
  3. The gift of CHIC SLEEPWEAR from the aptly named brand from Milan, F.R.S For Restless Sleepers sleepwear that can be worn to bed, and around the house when you are caring for baby and catching up on Netflix. I also love this 100% sandwashed silk blue pyjama set from Asceno by Beautiful Bottoms
  4. The gift of FOOD DELIVERY! What new mother has time to cook and care? Unless they freeze packed their meals prior to baby. I am of the #cantcookwontcook ilk (thank you beautiful husband) but sometimes it’s nice to have regular meals delivered to your front door which provides all essential nutrients and vitamins, safe for mum and baby and helps you get back to your pre-baby body. That’s where the Pure Package Mum & Baby package comes in.
  5. The gift of pure WATER, you have surely heard of Bobble you can infuse, insulate, make tea, make coffee, carry around for sports and carry around the house in the jug, filters your water in stylish containers, ready for you to drink and enjoy.
  6. The gift of FREE ARMS; I don’t know about you but on occasion there are other things I need to do bar carry my beautiful son, such as clean, blog, put on makeup, instagram etc etc and I don’t know what I would have done without my sling from Je Porte Mon Bebe there are many different styles, but I have the basic in black which is quite chic looking.
  7. The gift of ASSISTANCE which could be as simple as booking a cleaner in your area to help you ASAP, download the Handy app or make like a celebrity and employ an assistant. I think it’s brilliant that Erin (Erin O’Toole, founder of Petit PA) launched Petit PA to help you throughout your pregnancy, support you as a new parent or help you plan an event such as a Christening.
  8. The gift of BLING. My wonderful husband bought me a Tanzanite and diamond ring, a beautiful bauble of a ring to commemorate the birth of our son in December. I gifted him a tattoo! Pandora has a selection of rings, which are beautifully crafted, can be stacked and have gemstones which you could be a beautiful reminder of your little one’s birth. Alternatively I love the brand Loquet London where you can create your own bespoke locket and chain and fill with charms.
  9. The gift of JUICE. I crave for 100% raw, fresh, organic, unprocessed juice that can be delivered to my front door...I need a Presscription literally! You can choose the popular signature cleanse, or customise your own.
  10. The gift of READING. One thing I still haven’t done yet, which I need to do as I heavily rely on my mummy friends to fill me in, is subscribe to a magazine such as Baby London or Smallish Magazine
  11. The gift of MEMORIES. I bought Milestone cards from Ocado a while back, and I am in love with them. At every milestone I take a beautifully crafted picture, and once Chance reaches 1 years old, I will gift him a photobook. Thank goodness can you can purchase vouchers from Photobox
  12. The gift of BEAUTY. Just because you are a new mum, it doesn't mean that you bodmin needs to go to hell! You can literally get a massage, mani, pedi and wax in the safety of your own home. In fact you can even get a subscription, so you can consistently be on ‘fleek’. If you live in London you need Milk Beauty. Going from mobile beauty to mobile beauty, there is now Powder Beauty, beauty boxes that are delivered every quarter which contain full or mini sized luxury beauty specific to your beauty; who doesn’t love bespoke product sampling!
  13. The gift of TV, Netflix and Chill...need I say more!
  14. The gift of BRUNCH. Where should yummy mummies, who like to brunch with other yummy mummies go? Ottolenghi
  15. The gift of HYDRATED HANDS. I love Crabtree and Evelyn for cute hand creams that look so beautiful when pulled out of your bag, and they have recently released the ‘love is in the air’ range. The collection is broad and ranges from bath, body, hand care and fragrances encased in textured packaging illustrated with a hot air balloon and floral design. The gift of hands, choose from the In the Hand Therapy line.
  16. The gift of TECHNOLOGY. Why not have a phone with large memory, so you can house all the music you need to get you through breastfeeding during the night, house all the photos you take of your little one and download parenting books onto? 128GB Rose Gold iPhone and iTunes voucher answers that.
  17. The gift of BUBBLES. If you have expressed so can drink, have some Veuve Clicquot...if you haven’t expressed, no worries have some alcohol free bubbles from the Alcohol Free Shop .
  18. The SEXY Gift. Yes you can be sexy at Sexy Fish the Asian fish and seafood Mayfair restaurant, from the group that bought us Daphne’s, The Ivy and J.Sheekey.
  19. The gift of LINGERIE. Whoever said that maternity lingerie couldn’t be high fashion and silk, obviously hadn’t seen the Azalea bra from Mimi Holliday
  20. The gift of WILD ROSE from Korres, which includes the bestselling bestselling Japanese Rose Body Milk, Japanese Rose Shower Gel and Mandarin Lip Butter Stick in Rose, can you say creamy, soft and hydrated lips and skin.
  21. The gift of FITNESS. Now you don't have an excuse for getting back to pre-baby fitness, you can train in a private space, with all equipment and personal trainers to hand, working to your prescribed body needs with babies welcome to all sessions...where? Bumps & Burpees at Lomax in Chelsea.
  22. The gift of SPECIAL EDITION FRAGRANCE. Acqua di Parma has been one of the leaders in the luxury market for over 100 years, so it's no surprise that the Rosa Nobile Special Edition with fresh notes of a bouquet of fresh roses is a much longed for item that needs to grace my dressing table.
  23. The gift of HOME SCENT, now that you smell beautiful why not make the house smell beautiful, like roses, lipstick and leather? The Rosaviola collection from a Diptyque and fashion designer Olympia le-Tan. Too pink and rosey? Try the The woody fragrance from Heir & Grace’s Rose and Agarwood candle which combines oud, patchouli, nagarmotha and creamy sandalwood, with floral notes of jasmine, rose and muguet, as well as spicy accords and soft musks.

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day!


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