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12 Stands that’s worth a visit at 'The Baby Show' in London

Chance in his Cocoonababy

24th October 2015, approximately 47 days before Chance arrived, MrL and I made the trip to the Baby Show at Olympia. I am not usually so disorganised, but for some reason, I had made a list of things I needed to get, and had to research and research again whether the products that I NEEDED for baby, firstly got good reviews and secondly fitted our home aesthetic.

With that method of researching before buying, I had literally waited until the last minute to buy things for baby, and baby was nearly here.

I think many parents get stuck on the ‘what do I actually need’ and ‘let’s buy everything just in case’ merry go round, and with the Baby Show today at Excel running until this Sunday the 21st, I wanted to help compile a little list of things that you may need, and stands to visit that helped me out. I got such great bargains from the Baby Show last year, I think MrL and I worked out that we saved about £800+, so definitely worth a visit.

If you need a little help when out, to avoid overspending or missing out on things, take this list with you, screenshot, print, copy and paste and have a good Baby Show visit.

  1. Stand K10 for Red Castle Cocoonababy; you may remember this from the post ‘28 Things you should invest in for month 1 of parenthood’ the Cocoonababy nest is like a mobile moses basket or crib without the legs and bulk of furniture. The cocoonababy really is a dream, as baby is comforted by womb like space, improving the quality (and length) of sleep, minimise the risk of flat head syndrome and generally encourages development.
  2. Stand K36 for The Gro Company; you can pick up some swaddling blankets and sleeping bags for bubba. Gro are the original pioneers of the sleeping bag, relegating blankets and duvets to the bottom of drawers. If you know how to swaddle you can keep your baby snug and secure without them overheating.
  3. Stand J48 for Naif Care; I was extremely aware of putting chemicals on my baby, and wanting to keep everything natural. There are so many brilliant brands out there like Burt’s Bees, Dr Bronner, but I discovered Naif at the baby show and was extremely pleased. They have an ethos of not having any ingredients that one cannot pronounce sticking with sweet almond oil, avocado oil and more, and once more the fantastic strap line, No Chemicals. No Pastel colours. No Bull**** (their words not mine).
  4. Stand D11/E10 for My 1st Years ; Mummy / Chance’s grandmother actually ordered a personalised grey fleece robe for Chance which he is excited to use (it’s 6-12 months at the moment), at least I think he is excited, I am! The brand has been getting lots of coverage on social media with Mrs Fletcher, my favourite mummy blogger Lauren of Hunters & Heels and Samantha Faiers’ little ones sporting the robes, so it is definitely on trend!
  5. Stand G30 for gNappies; Can you believe that only 5% of the population use disposable nappies, yet it is the third largest contributor to landfills? There are ‘eco friendly’ nappies out there, and this one is quite brilliant as it has flushable diaper inserts with colourful, reusable covers.
  6. Stand L12 for Dr Brown’s; whether you are planning to breastfeed (so express milk) or feed with infant formula, you need this to reduce and prevent symptoms of colic that can come with regular bottles. I have recommended the Dr Brown’s newborn gift set to all my mummy friends as it has all the bottles, teats, brushes, microwave steriliser and bottle bits that you would need.
  7. Stand K10, G60 for Cybex ; I think most people know how in love with my award winning Cybex Priam I am; it’s sleek and functional, inspired by Eames (designer classics which adorn my home) and has been with me all the way from London to Surrey to Copenhagen to the Swedish Coast. Not only can you take this skiing (yes amazing!!) as it comes with skis, there is a one handed functionality, a great travel system which includes the carseat, two wheeled mode and did I mention how stylish it was?!

vsco-photo-1 3.jpg
Cybex Priam
  1. Stand K10, F60 for Ergo Baby; I was gifted a Baby Bjorn at my baby shower, but after speaking with my mummy friend Nina, I was swayed to exchange for the ergonomic Ergo Baby due to the fact that it promotes natural seating position for baby, comfortable for dad (baby carrying is a Swedish dad thing) and comes in a cute black and camel design.
  2. Stand G54 for Bloom, This was where we had our biggest saving at nearly £200! Chance wouldn’t have needed his Bloom Fresco Chrome Contemporary High Chair in midnight black (absolutely stunning) until he was about 6 months old, but we purchased it with the infant insert, and I find I strap him in and cradle him from time to time in it...and maybe I take a ton of pictures of him in his stylish high chair too!
  3. Stand G32 for Medela UK another place where we made huge savings, I think around £100+. I knew that I wanted to breastfeed exclusively if possible, and this wouldn’t change even if I returned to work, so I chose the Freestyle double electric pump, which is portable (even comes with a cooler bag) and expresses more milk in less time, mimicking a baby with it’s 2 phase expression technology.
  4. Stand G1 for Water Wipes ‘The World’s purest Baby Wipes’ as it is made from water and a drop of grapefruit seed extract, so is suitable from birth, above all chemical free and approved by Allergy UK. There is a pack of these in my diaper bag.
  5. Stand M10 for Bababing! MrL and I bought the HotPoc rechargeable bottle warmer so we could warm the milk when we were out and about quickly. The HotPoc can be used 100 times and doesn’t need batteries. Simple.

vsco-photo-1 2.jpg
Hotpoc, Medela Breast Pump, WaterWipes and Dr Brown's bottles

Take a look at the above stands, and don’t forget to print off your below checklist as guidance.

Have a good baby show!


Moses Basket / Crib

Cotbed with Mattress

3 x Fitted Sheet

3 x Swaddling Blanket/ Sleeping Bag

3 x Blankets

Room Thermometer and Night Light

Digital Thermometer for baby

Baby Monitor (from 6 months)

Bath Support

Baby Toiletries

Changing Mat

2 x Hooded Towels

70 x Nappies (1 week supply)

Baby Wipes

7 x Muslin Squares

Baby Healthcare Kit

5 x Nursing Bras

Breast Pads

Nipple Protectors

Breast Pump Kit (if breastfeeding)

7 x Bottles and Teats


Bottle Warmer

Bottle Brush

Car Seat

Pushchair with accessories such as canopy, raincover etc

Baby Carrier

Baby Sling (when at home to free up hands)

Changing Bag

10 x Bodysuits

10 x Sleepsuits

2 x Cardigans

2 x Scratch Mittens

10 x Socks

2 x Hats


Playmat for Tummy time

Soft and noisy toys for pram and in house


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