Sunday, 17 January 2016

Why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free?

Image from Lydia Hearst's Instagram

Earlier this week the breastfeeding debate was ignited yet again...Lydia Hearst posed (rather glamorously) in a restaurant breastfeeding 2 dolls, for the Equinox gym #committosomething campaign. I personally loved the campaign, and as per usual there was a whole camp who hated it.

Comments varied from ‘she’s breastfeeding someone else’ twins (false), ‘why is she breastfeeding in a restaurant’ (why not?), and ‘what has this got to do with going to the gym’?
Many celebrities have tried to promote breastfeeding, in some ways they have helped and in others they have divided opinion; it is amazing for both you and your child to breastfeed, that is IF you are able to, and no breastfeeding isn’t always glamorous (thank you Gisele), it can be as unglamorous as having to take your son to breastfeed in the toilet, as it still isn’t socially accepted, not in the way it should be.
This is why I decided to publish a post this week, to help with public perception, at least the little that I can do from my home in SW London and to discuss the pros and cons of breastfeeding, and whilst I am not saying that you should whip out your breasts and feed your child in an upscale restaurant without being properly covered; I am saying that when said breast is being used to feed your child, in public, whilst being appropriately covered, that it shouldn’t cause public outrage, or any other unnecessary comments, especially when you choose to feed from the breast as opposed to the socially accepted bottle.

  • bonding between mother and baby
  • breastmilk is economical and mobile; freely produced from the breast, and the breast is attached to the body...unless you are pumping as well, you don’t need to factor in the cost of a pump
  • breastmilk consists of white blood cells and natural chemicals which fight infection; could also prevent allergies and asthma in the future
  • can help prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
  • baby receives the best nutrition from balanced food groups such as protein, carbohydrates etc
  • baby can easily digest breast milk
  • baby has decreased likelihood of obesity, which in the UK today is one of the things that we actively fighting against, childhood and adult obesity
  • May promote brain development, as milk contains essential fatty acids
  • breastfeeding helps mother to lose weight, as it can burn upwards of 300 calories daily
  • reduce risk of certain cancers in mother
  • no smelly number 2s, less spit up, diaper rash, colic and less diarrhea

  • Initially breastfeeding can be sore, especially if there are issues with baby's latch
  • time consuming and occasionally tiring
  • some members of society making you feel awkward about breastfeeding
  • not as supportive as bottle feeding, as dad/whomever cannot feed baby if you don't want to, have to go out with the girls, get your hair done, go to work, unless you have pumped in advance
  • Issues such as thrush, mastitis, engorgement, breast pain, differing breast sizes and blocked ducts
  • having to be terribly organised when drinking alcohol unless you have this Upspring baby milkscreen
  • limited fashion and lingerie
  • decreased choice in contraception

As mentioned above, breastfeeding is hugely beneficial but only IF you are able to do so...a happy mother, means a happy child,and although I am a huge advocate for breastfeeding, I am not an advocate for shaming those who cannot breastfeed!


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