Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The ‘breast’ maternity lingerie

My mother has always stressed the importance of underwear to me, ever since I was a little girl and she used to my iron my knickers...something she still does to this day! She always exclaimed, ‘make sure your underwear matches, you don’t want the paramedics to forgo saving your life, if you get run over!’ 

Obviously that would never happen, but it always stuck, how important my undergarments were. Now, here I am, essentially halfway through my pregnancy, and I still haven’t bought any maternity clothing, yet I have invested in maternity lingerie. One of the first symptoms of pregnancy for me, was the increase in my bust size, in the first 2 months, I was out of my Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit 32Ds and into, well, even bigger M&S non-wired cups, all with mummy in tow.

I have read that your breasts can increase by up to 5 lbs during pregnancy (about 2 kilos, which is a lot) so thicker straps is a necessity to prevent back and shoulder strain. You also need more coverage than before for your growing breasts. With the words coverage and thicker straps, both not sounding entirely enticing, I most probably spent more time than I would like to admit,  researching the best maternity lingerie brands out there.

See my list below:

Which brands would you recommend?

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