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BabyMoon Part 1 - Maldives

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  1. a relaxing or romantic holiday taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born.
  2. "on the eve of my third trimester, we boarded a plane for a week-long babymoon among the quiet canals of Amsterdam"
    • a period of time following the birth of a baby during which the new parents can focus on establishing a bond with their child.
    • "a babymoon is regarded as a crucial time for a family to establish itself"

MrL and I had initially booked our Maldives vacation for November, which was due to be our 4th wedding anniversary; due to the fact that I would have been term we had to move our anniversary holiday to early september and the safe period of the second trimester, thus becoming our ‘babymoon’.

There are endless reasons to visit the Maldives.

  • The sea is 50 shades of blue
  • Picture perfect like a postcard
  • The marine life
  • Still waters
  • One day it may is the lowest country in the world
  • Beautiful memories

We had previously stayed at the Residence Mauritius (for our 2nd wedding anniversary) and loved it, and we are booked to stay at the Residence Zanzibar for our 5th wedding anniversary because the Residence so far, has yet to it’s only natural that we would have booked the Residence Maldives.

The Residence is located in Southern Maldives, quite close to the equator so although we were expecting thunderstorms and bad weather (according to weather reports), we experienced extremely beautiful and warm weather for September, with rains only when we were leaving!
For a woman who was 7 months pregnant, the journey to the Residence was a little long; we travelled from London Heathrow to Qatar and from Qatar to Male (all with Qatar Airways) racking up nearly 10 ½ hours before arriving at Male Airport. At Male we were met by a representative of the hotel, who took our luggage and escorted us to the domestic terminal lounge; unfortunately we had just missed a flight so the wait was about 3 hours, but the representative checked us in and handled the luggage, so we didn't need to do anything but rest and eat. The domestic transfer with Maldivian is 55 minutes to Kooddoo Airport with beautiful views over the atolls.  
Once we arrived at Kooddoo, we were met by another representative who took our luggage and drove us to the jetty where we took the speedboat to the hotel, about 8-10 minutes away.
On arrival at the Residence, we were met by staff and Chef Arwan who greeted us, this was an absolutely lovely welcome, and when Chef Arwan noticed I was pregnant explained that he would do his best to ensure that I was fully taken care of (a promise which was kept). We were escorted by buggy to reception and given iced teas and cold towels whilst we checked-in; then we were taken to our beach pool villa.

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As soon as I walked into the villa, I was in heaven, beautiful views out to the sea and a stunning colonial style villa that oozed luxury! The villa was surrounded by palm trees and greenery so it made you feel that you had your own private stretch of beach and that your villa was the only one that was and utter seclusion.
Both the living room and the bedroom opened out onto the private terrace where the plunge pool was located and I am sure most people would find it difficult not to do a running leap into the pool! The beach pool villas are extremely large, nearly 160sqm, and as mentioned has a separate living room with nespresso etc, bedroom with Samsung TV and all the usual amenities and a large bathroom with roll top bath, jack and jill sinks, separate toilet and indoor and outdoor showers. In my opinion the best accommodation at the Residence is the beach pool villa for the seclusion, access to your own private stretch of beach and Indian Ocean.
We ate all our breakfasts in the Dining Room on the beachfront, and had a wide choice of foods, but the loveliest touch was the Chef making me french toast every morning along with an extremely spicy omelette, and Hafiz bringing our juice, waters and 'mango for the baby' to our favourite dining table overlooking the lagoon. The staff in the Dining Room, Chef, Hafiz and Rushan were wonderful and really made our breakfasts and dinners a joy. One evening we ate at Falhumaa (if you are on HB you get a $73 credit per person to deduct from the bill) which was a lovely experience, where you eat over water at the end of a long jetty and enjoy western cuisine. It is extremely dark but this all adds to the experience; at the end of the meal you are able to feed the fish and watch how they clamber over one another to grab the pieces of bread that are thrown in; you may also be lucky enough to spot reef shark which we saw.
Although Falhumaa was lovely, we couldn't help but return to the Dining Room as we wanted so much to enjoy varied cuisines from Oriental to Mexican, with a different theme every evening. We did take a look at the Beach bar which was by the main pool, and noticed that they held a film evening, but unfortunately were too engrossed in our own seclusion of our beach pool villa that we didn't experience it, and that's what makes this place paradise as you don't have to see people if you don't want to!
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Our butler Shamin, and villa attendance Armeez (wonderful gentleman who ensured that I was fully hydrated daily) and Sameeh organised a flower bubble bath for me and laid beautiful floral arrangement on the bed for both MrL and I, which was a lovely surprise once we returned from the Spa. The Clarins Spa, I believe is the only Clarins spa in the Maldives, and was located at the end of another jetty, where my MrL and I enjoyed lovely treatments. We also went snorkelling which is provided complimentary from the dive centre; as well as a paid for Dolphin cruise which was fantastic and I captured brilliant footage on my camera of the dolphins following and dancing around the boat!
When our last day came, we didn't want to leave but of course good things must come to an end, we were given breakfast packs for our journey and taken to Koodoo!
I can say without a shadow of a doubt that we will be coming back again, with the little one in tow and have actually planned a trip back, whilst still in our beautiful pool villa at the Residence, but we must experience Zanzibar first :)



  1. Greetings Simi! We love Maldives, stayed in the past at Taj Exotica that we also warmly recommend! Looking forward going back with our toddler and new addition to the family bound to arrive end of March. So it sounds like we are quite coordinate :) BTW if you fancy changing the geography and a babymoon with a toddler, we are recommending the Grenadines:

    1. Hello ZenBaby, isn't the Maldives fabulous! Yes we are very much looking forward to going back but we will be saving that for another year as we have booked the Residence Zanzibar for our November vacation:-) thank you for the recommendation about the Grenadines, I'll add it to my long list! Simi X

  2. Wow - your pictures are gorgeous! I love the Maldives - perfect place to relax and prepare for a new baby! I went in November and have been dreaming about it ever since!
    Claire x

    1. Ah it was amazing! We usually go away in November for our anniversary, but due to being pregnant we went earlier! Cannot wait to go back but this year we are in Zanzibar! x


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