Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Happily Mother After

MrL and I announced the arrival of our son, Chance Maximillian Eniola Lindgren on Thursday 10th December 2015.
The bump watch was officially over, and all I had to do was post on Instagram...see below!

I had a positive birth experience, I felt extremely strong, especially as the majority of my labour, I was able to get by on gas and air, and that was on top of the fact that I had dealt with all the associated aches and pains in the final weeks like a #gangster. Then I got home, had a shower and stood in front of my mirror and realised that the real strength came after your bundle of joy had exited your body and I was left looking a little...deflated!

B.C. (that is Before Chance) I was about 55kgs or 120lbs and slightly pear shaped at 34-25-35.
38 weeks later (not the British-Spanish post-apocalyptic science fiction horror film) I weighed in at about 75kgs or 165lbs and lots more inches than could squeeze into my non-maternity clothes.
A.D. (after delivery) as mentioned before, I was left looking deflated, that is a deflated tummy, blown up boobs, what looked like back fat, a couple of stretch marks seem to have made their debut (thankfully they can be hidden), some ripples on my very much welcome buttocks and I couldn’t even feel my treasure box!!! I swiftly left the mirror and went back to my newborn son and decided to never think of my body again especially as working out was off limits for at least 6 weeks, and more importantly Chance required my breasts every 90 minutes...even now as I type he is very much attached.

Actually, the last sentence is correct and accurate...that is where he should be, and that is my main priority. I spent nearly 10 months cooking Chance, I spent 9 hours plus in labour and my life as I knew it, has changed forever.
I am extremely lucky!
I am pleased I have little reminders that I did something incredible. I am #gangster, so I stood in the mirror exactly 2 weeks after Chance was born and I embraced my milk engorged breasts, I embraced my new outie belly button (my tummy didn’t look so scary after 2 weeks and was virtually back to normal except without the definition), I embraced my tiger stripes that had shown up on my hips and lower tummy, I happily embraced my new booty but moreover I embraced Chance Lindgren...and kissed Chance, and obsessed over Chance and quickly forgot about what I looked like B.C.

I am ‘Happily Mother After’ even if I am 17lbs heavier...see below.



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