Thursday, 6 August 2015

Pregnancy Workout DVDs Edit

I have always been ‘a little bit’ active, and being pregnant reminds me that I need to have my body in peak physical condition. Peak physical condition for me, not compared to athletes or anything!

I am well aware that labour isn’t how Hollywood portrays, you don’t suddenly have a gush of liquid, 5 minutes later you’re yelling and then baby is born. Labour is a marathon, not a sprint, in most cases. First time mothers like me, may experience active labour for up to 8 hours, this is an average, so it could be shorter or longer than this. So, I am preparing for labour, the same way that one would prepare for a 5k.


I walk about 21 miles weekly, and then I have my yoga, pilates and kettlebells for the rest of the week. The strength takes place in my ‘relaxation room’ which is now being referred to as the ‘baby’s room’, and the workouts have now moved downstairs.

I am a huge advocate of home workouts and working out that is part of your daily routine, like ‘walk-commuting’ no real excuse not to do it, you need to get to work, and if it’s a fairly reasonable distance from home, then there is no reason not to walk there. There are 9 tube stops between work and home for me, so this is a reasonable distance for me to walk. Working out at home, if you do it in the living room in front of the TV, it’s much easier than having to schlep to a gym, millions of miles away, and you never get that weather’s raining, can’t make it!

There are other benefits to exercising during pregnancy such as easing or preventing back pain; helping you get that ‘sound sleep’; boost mood and energy levels; help manage your weight gain; help prevent gestational diabetes; walking lots helps you to ‘go’ (if you know what I mean), as well as increase your stamina, so you can last the 8-18hrs of active labour.

I have compiled a list of my favourite home DVDs which I combine with my walking:

and on my wishlist Tracy Anderson: the pregnancy project 9 DVDs for each month of pregnancy centred around strength and muscular work.

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