Saturday, 1 August 2015

Eating through the trimesters

I was extremely lucky I think! During the first trimester some women experience loss of appetite, nausea, weight loss due to extreme vomiting and more. I, on the other hand, lost my sweet tooth, craved more spicy and savoury foods and the only heartbreaker for me was that I lost my love of cooked (not smoked) salmon.

It’s quite obvious that eating the right foods is key to not only your baby’s health, but also your own, so I have compiled a few of my favourite foods, that I hope you will find useful.

  • Spinach, high in folic acid / folate --- I add this into my daily green smoothie
  • Quinoa,  a good source of protein as well as calcium, magnesium, manganese, several B vitamins, vitamin E and dietary fibre --- makes up the base of my lunch, which MrL prepares daily see here for Vital Ingredient’s Nachos Grande
  • Citrus fruits such as lemons and limes, high in folate --- I add this to the 3L of water I drink daily
  • Nuts, high in protein --- I snack on almonds when I am peckish, add Chia seeds to my morning smoothie and pumpkin seeds to my weekend porridge
  • Cheddar cheese, good source of calcium for bone development --- MrL adds this to my Nachos Grande Lunch and I add it to basically everything else, I LOVE CHEESE!
  • Asparagus, good source of vitamin D --- enjoyed with a sprinkling of cheese
  • Eggs, good source of protein, calcium and vitamin D --- sliced boiled eggs are added to my morning smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel
  • Broccoli, good source of iron --- part of the vegetable sides enjoyed with a protein for dinner
  • Beans, good source of protein ---- part of my Nachos Grande lunch
  • Chicken, high in iron --- enjoyed as part of my Nachos grande lunch, in its pulled form
  • Salmon, high in calcium and vitamin D --- enjoyed as part of my morning smoked salmon, cream cheese and egg bagel
  • Chives, good source of folate, fibre, iron, vitamin C, vitamin B6, calcium and magnesium --- a sprinkling of this is added to my morning bagel
  • Herring, source of EPA and DHA fish oils ---- usually enjoyed for dinner daily with a side of unborn child is certainly half Swedish!


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