Sunday, 2 August 2015

Chemical Free home cleaning


I LOVE TO CLEAN! There I said it, but being pregnant has kind of taken the pleasure out of cleaning. 

I never used to use gloves as I hated the squelch squelch sound, so I never used gloves to wash the bath, nor the dishes despite having a dishwasher, or anything where strong chemicals shouldn’t really come into contact with your hands. Dry, hard hands, a pain, but coming home to a beautifully clean house, priceless. Then the reading and research began. I was advised to hire a cleaner, which filled me with horror, no one knows how to clean my bathroom tiles with baby oil and a toothbrush like I do. Go green with supplies, well, I already did that. I was a huge fan of Method and Ecover, they didn’t smell so bad and they didn’t dry out my hands as harshly as other brands had. Take your shoes off when entering the house. If you had met my husband and my Swedish in-laws, you would know that shoes don’t move much further than the welcome mat.

Lots of reading later, I was able to learn the below.

  • You don’t have to hire a cleaner
  • Purchase some gloves, but don’t do it if you hate the squelch squelch sound
  • Use products such as Method and Ecover
  • Check the labels, you most probably already do this with food
  • Open the windows and ventilate
  • MrL vacuums almost daily with the Dyson Hard
  • Invest in good cloths and sponges like these Ecozone and e-cloths
  • If you have a cat, delegate the litter duty to daddy-to-be
  • You could if you are crafty, make your own cleaning supplies with white wine vinegar or bicarbonate soda

Happy Cleaning!

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