Monday, 27 July 2015

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In my first trimester, I think all I did was sleep! In fact according to my Jawbone, I slept on average 12 hours and 20 minutes a night...which in other words is a lot! Pre-pregnancy I couldn’t even imagine sleeping for more than half a day, usually getting around 7.5hours sleep nightly, but I soon learnt that it takes up a lot of energy being knocked up.
When you’re sleeping that much, being the perfectionist that I am, I wanted to ensure that I was sleeping ‘correctly’; I had read that in the second trimester, sleeping on your back could make you feel faint due to the pressure on the major blood vessels (Okay, no sleeping on my back, check!); that I should become a habitual left side sleeper , maximising the nutrients that my baby receives (Got it, swap from my usual right side, to my left, check!) and buy a pregnancy pillow which ensures that you sleep on your left side, check I need a pregnancy pillow too!  
Lots of advice, lots of reading and lots of things for me to modify.
MrL and I made the trip to John Lewis to purchase the DreamGenii, and that was that. I don’t know where I had read that I needed a £48 pillow to ensure that I slept on my left side,  but I bought into it and bought it! In my defence, I have used it for well over 100 days now so the cost per use has vastly decreased…


Then sometime after I had made it into the second trimester, my thoughts changed from ‘sleeping in the perfect position’ to ‘getting the best sleep possible’. 
This is where my Jawbone came in handy, as it allows me to compare my light sleep with my sound sleep. On average, my light sleep to deep sleep, was 54% light sleep to 46% deep sleep. What that meant, was that I was still for 46% of the night that I was sleeping; deep sleep or sound sleep has been associated with increased focus and patience. I would love to be even more focused than I am already! I would certainly love to be more patient, I am going to be a mother after all, so what did I need to do to get more sound sleep?

  • Sleep for around 8 hours a night, check!
  • Put my circadian rhythm on a schedule, by going to bed and waking up at roughly the same time, semi check!
  • sleep in a comfortable and cool room...with some money spent, check!
  • No drinking caffeine or alcohol, or eating heavy meals close to bedtime, check! check! check!

How I achieved sound beauty sleep:

On my wish list, is This Works deep pillow spray

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