Thursday, 30 July 2015

Girl, Boy or Surprise?

Usually, around halfway through pregnancy, and even a little earlier, when you have announced your pregnancy, you get asked ‘do you know what you’re having?’

If you want to know, you can learn the sex of your baby at the anomaly or 20 week scan...dependent on whether the baby is in the best position for the sonographer to tell you the gender; really the sonographer will be more focused on checking the baby’s organs and anatomy, rather than looking for the sex, as that isn’t the primary objective of the 20 week scan anyway.
Everyone I meet tries to guess, the majority of guesses have been for a boy, and I have had 2 people adamantly tell me that I am having a girl. I really love hearing these theories, especially as everyone seems 100% certain due to old wives tales and experience.
Unfortunately for them, I am unable to confirm or deny their predictions, as MrL and I have made a choice to play the waiting game!
Gender is simply biology, I have XX and MrL has XY, so in theory MrL was the deciding factor at fertilisation, as to whether Mini L is a girl or a boy.
It may seem such an archaic thought, wait until the birth to find out, but why not wait? I rarely wait more than 3 minutes for the tube, when I do take the tube; I don’t wait for my nail varnish to dry; there was even a point in time when I didn’t even wait for my food to cook, and just ate raw (mmm steak tartare), so now the world’s most impatient woman is challenging herself to wait until the end of her pregnancy to find out whether it’s a little girl or boy! For me, it doesn’t really matter at all, as long as Mini L is healthy, I am I am such a perfectionist, if the sonographer was to miscalculate, which is possible, I would have spent the remainder of my pregnancy addressing Mini L incorrectly!

Given our minimalistic interiors, and love of Scandinavian white throughout our home, knowing the gender of our baby, really won’t make a difference to the colour scheme of the nursery...I am not going to go all pink for a girl, or all blue for a boy, in fact I am not going to perpetuate any stereotype, or pigeonhole Mini L, it will be grey and white all the way until they decide otherwise; plus when I was a little girl I went from a Mr Men interiors, to lilac to blue and chinese theme, before settling on beige, so the neutral theme seems to work out well in the long run.

I understand that whether I know the sex now, or whether I find out the sex at birth, it’s still a surprise, but with this surprise, I want to save it right until the end, and use it to motivate me through labour and any other pains. We are in 2015, with all the technology and social media, does anyone really get surprised anymore?

In the interim though, I can have a little fun...
Old Wives Tales:

  1. I have been told that I am carrying low = BOY
  2. Last time I heard my baby’s heart rate, it was in the 150s = GIRL
  3. I have had a few more breakouts, being pregnant = GIRL
  4. I didn’t experience any nausea, or morning sickness = BOY
  5. There hasn’t been a drastic change in my cravings = BOY/GIRL
  6. According to the beautician who waxes my legs, no more hair than usual = GIRL
  7. I am only carrying in my abdomen, apparently = BOY
  8. My face hasn’t changed much during pregnancy = BOY/GIRL
  9. My feet are warmer than before = GIRL
  10. I do crave more meats, and cheese over fruits = BOY
  11. MrL hasn’t gained any weight, whilst I have been pregnant = BOY
  12. My nose hasn’t gotten bigger = GIRL
  13. But, my boobs certainly have gotten bigger = BOY
  14. According to the Chinese gender predictor chart, which claims to be 90% accurate = BOY
  15. I have been having dreams of a little girl, so apparently it is the opposite = BOY
  16. More clumsy than graceful = BOY
  17. According to the Mayan tale, if the age at conception and year of conception is an odd number = BOY
  18. If your hands are constantly dry, like mine = BOY
  19. Mother’s intuition, apparently you can tell = I have no clue?!?!
  20. If your legs stay lean and in shape = GIRL

Excluding the joint boy/girl answers, the results are 65% for boy and 35% for according to the the above I could be having a boy!

Doesn't matter now, as I will have to wait until December to find out :)

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