Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Changing and Taking Shape


Whenever we think of pregnant women, we think big belly, possibly how a woman looks at around 8 or 9 months of pregnancy. 

No one thinks of the women in early stages of pregnancy. Me, for example, I am pregnant, most probably didn’t properly start showing until halfway through my pregnancy and even with the ‘baby on board’ tube badge, I still got questioning stares. In fact, one woman even turned to me when on the Piccadilly line from Hyde Park corner home, and said “you’re lucky that you’re wearing that badge, because you don’t look pregnant!’’ I was quite surprised she even said anything to be honest, what does a pregnant person look like if they aren’t 7,8 or 9 months pregnant?

If I told you my breasts were larger, would that help classify me as pregnant looking? my skin was glowing, does that work? Please, don’t try and knock my self esteem!

I imagine, this is what most women in early pregnancy go through, and aside from the sometime stares or remarks, I have never felt more physically attractive. Which other time in one’s life, when gaining between 24-35 lbs, would you feel physically attractive?
My body is changing, changing because I am growing a human, carrying my little one and did I mention my boobs?!
Right now, I am striving to be a beacon of health, ensuring that what I put into my body is not only yummy but can deliver vital nutrients, preparing my body through walking and strength training for the marathon that is labour, and trusting in my body and what it can do.

Yes I am eating more, but it’s good food or it is something yummy and naughty; yes I am drinking more, but it’s 3L of water; yes I am sleeping more, but I am growing a human; yes I am still working out, but it’s good for you and recommended; yes I could be one of the 80% of women who suffers stretch marks, but I am working bloody hard to prevent them, and if I get them, I get them; yes I have the dark line of linea nigra, blame it on the hormones; yes my breasts have grown and changed, but they look so beautiful; yes my husband tells me I am glowing and beautiful, I don’t mind if I am or not, ultimately I am growing a human, and I welcome the changes to my body to do so...oh and did I mention, I am growing a human! 
Love your body whether you are pregnant or not.

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